Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seeds of Knowledge. ICE 2010 # 1

International Collage Exchange 2011
(ICE 2011)
Series: Fragile- Society is a Nest II
Title: Seeds of knowledge

 Recycled papers, old book pages, second-hand shop thread,
pencil, digitally altered nest photo (my own.)

'The development of a tree depends on where it is planted.' Edward Joyner

This is the first of the thirteen collages I am making for the next International Collage Exchange (ICE) and the 4th time I will be part of this wonderful exchange. If your interested in being part of the exchange there's still time as they're not due until (around) March next year. For details on how to swap visit the virtual tart website and if your interested in participating in the 'Portrait of the Artist' exhibition you can find the information for it on the same page.

Those of you who've visited my site before will know that I am 'just a little' nest crazy, I am facinated by their form, texture, beauty and the total brilliance of the birds that create them. You will also be likely to know I have a theory that Society is a Nest...and it will be no surprise to read that this theory is providing the inspiration and motivation for another collage series! (If your wondering what I am talking about please click on the links below.)

Fragile. Society is a Nest II. 
The journey has begun.

I found it interesting to compare this first collage with the 'firsts' I've done for the other exchanges. If your also interested in seeing the changes and growth in my collage style over the last few exchanges you can see the first collage I created for the 2008 exchange here the 2009 exchange here and the 2010 exchange here.


notmassproduced said...

really like these .. love your colour sense and the way you don't overdo stuff.

Mick said...

As I studied this one, I rather enjoyed the juxtaposition of rectangles, especially the chaotic details that seem to swirl inside them, with the circular nests.

Nora said...

I really like this, Lisa, and I love the color red in it and the balance of the pieces in relationship to each other. The layers are great and neatly sewn together. You've done a good job.

ArtPropelled said...

Society is a nest ....The journey has begun.... fluttery feelings of anticipation for what you will create next. Your first collage in the series speaks to me. It is so beautiful Lisa. The title.... Seeds of Knowledge exciting.

bad penny said...

I love your style

Seth said...

ICE time again already? Time flies. A beautiful start to the series. I love the gridded composition.

Kim Palmer said...

This is a fabulous inspiration for your collages for this round Lisa and I love it! It's you at your best, papers, stitches, nests! I love this piece!

Debrina said...

Lisa - you're a machine!!! I've got to try and keep up this time!

It is just awesome to see this greater evolution of your already very sure style. I really LOVE it!

neva gagliano said...

the 2nd year that i've known about this exchange.
year 3, i just might be ready.
taking a stitch at a time.


Wonderful collages

Debrina said...

Lisa - get yourself over here, immediately:
then scroll down her page till you get to her ink spirals.
This artist is fantastic! She also has a similar affinity to your style.
Also, I'm about to send you an email with some exciting news.

Anonymous said...

i love these, girl! these are fantastic!! i've decided that i'm going to do ICE this year. three down, ten to go. :) yours are simply amazing and i could only wish to be so lucky as to receive one... we shall see! :) we have until march, right?