Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Erosion Bundle Project. Part 1.

The Erosion Bundle Project is an off-shoot of Seth Apter's  Dis-Co project being organised by Kris Henderson. I really enoyed being part of Dis-Co so it made sense to join in here too! I learnt a few things from the Dis-Co project which I was able to apply here,  the most important thing being that things didn't disintergrate anywhere as much as I thought they would! I wrapped my Dis-Co bundle pretty tight which would have helped preserve the bundle so this time I did the opposite. I also included a coffee soaked (dried) serviette which I think is quite likely to leak it colour over the other items and produce some change in the bundle. NZ has such a friendly climate!

My selection of papers coffee dyed serviette and paper, scraps from a paper flour blag, note paper, scrap paper from childrens books. I wanted to make sure that what ever was in my bundle would be earth friendly if it was to come loose and fly free. (No surprise coming from someone who composted the recycled paper plates we used at Christmas!)

I put it together in a loosely bound book..

...gave it a paper flour bag cover and added some scrap fabric (dyed with tea)
I wasn't too worried about perfect edges as I am hoping they will be a bit tattered by the end of the project anyway!

I made a small bag for it to hang in, added a few bits of left over crocheted doily and hung it out for Mother Nature to play with. My part of this was pretty easy, especially compared to all of the forces that have to come together to make the natural elements that will do the rest!

Hung  on the line Dec 30th 2009.
Weather hot but gusty winds, no rain in sight!

Another project that I have been working on is one of art goals for the year- bead making.
I have made some fairly simple beads from paper wound around a tooth pick, I like the ones without words best. I would like to try intentionally leaving specific words showing so that they could be word beads so that may be next on my list! The brown beads are made from hand-painted paper and the black beads are made from plastic. I found a cool technique on the internet using recycled drink bottle plastic, permenant pens and heat. I had mixed results but I think this idea is worth playing around with! Check out this site and this site showing the technique and some finished beads if your interested. I found another site that suggested using boiling water instead of a heat gun and that method appealed to me because of the lack of plastic fumes!


Seth said...

Love the inside and the outside of your bundle. I will be eager to see what happens over time. And those beads are very, very cool. Love the ones with the text. Are you thinking of selling them??

Anonymous said...

Wow...what an interesting project. I love these beads...I bet you could sell some if you wanted. Are you happy with blogspot? I'm thinking of changine to something other than wordpress.

Lawendula said...

Your bundle looks wonderful!
Curious to see, what becomes of it.
Mine is in deep snow now!

And I love paper beads!

Ah, please don't forget to check out the paper swap, today!
xo FM

bad penny said...

your bundle is a beautiful work of art - looking forward to seeing it in April

iHanna said...

Thanks for the links to the bead tutorials. Your book looks very cute, I hope nature will take good care of it! I just found your site, what a nice blog you have Lisa! :-)

Happy New creative Year!

John M. Mora said...

Great comment statement, Lisa. It sums up much of your work.

I like your bundle and your beads.

The bundle in particular is inspiring.

My best.

John M. Mora said...

Btw plaster of paris scrambled eggs taste like sh*t.

La Dolce Vita said...

your text beads are awesome!!!!

kathy mc said...

love your bundle and your beads!

The Backporch Artessa said...

Oh! Very pretty! (Thanks for the insight to last years challenge too! I wrapped mine loosely, and was nervous about it!) Now I'm more at peace about it!

I loved your beads too!

Debrina said...

Hey Lisa - I love the beads with the text best! Ha ha. Funny how we're all so different with our tastes. Seth's right - you should consider selling them, they're so cool. I haven't got time currently to experiment with bead-making, but your links are great and I'll follow them up and give it a crack just as soon as I get the time. I've just come over here after seeing what Lisa J has ben up too. Talk about being gob-smacked!! I actually had a little cry while I was on skype to Alicia, who had to ring me to tell me to go and check it out (I've been in the garden for the last couple of days getting my vege plot established).
I have completed two ICE collages, with a third one nearly finished. Alicia's also feeling inspired to participate; so too is Kim. How excititing!!!! Love your bundle - it's divine; so too the book that it houses. I also see you've listed your goals for the year as part of your heading. I think I'm gonna copycat ya!

Anni's Art said...

What a wonderful bundle you have made, it will be interesting to see what nature will do with it.

vintage moon studio said...

Your bundle looks very cool.... I am a sucker for nests and birds in any form! And those beads - now I have a new project to try out :0) Deb