Tuesday, October 5, 2010

International Blog Action Day Call Out!

It's nearly INTERNATIONAL BLOG ACTION DAY again! This years theme is WATER. We can't live without it yet in far to many places the lack of it is causing great misery. Wars break out over water rights, children die and wild animals are forced into 'human zones' in search of water. It's not an infinite resource and it dosn't just 'fall from the sky.' Everything needs to be in balance for rain to be created and for water to fill our lakes, our rivers and for snow to form on the mountain tops. In our homes it can be easy to think that we can't do much about creating rain and most of us don't knoe how much water we actually use. Did you know that it actually uses more water to create the plastic bottle for the bottled water we buy than there is in the bottle? Don't even get me started on the amount of water it takes to create a single bottle of beer! I'm not suggesting we give up drinking bottled water, or beer for that matter but there's always somthing we can do to help ease the demand on our environment. That's what Blog Action Day is about- raising awareness and creating a movement. A ripple in the pond so to speak!To date there are 1,647 bloggers committed to blogging about water. Imagine how many people will be reading posts and thinking about our own water use? (Currently it's estimated that the combined readership of that many blogs is 12,967,212 people! WOW!) Imagine if each one of us developed one new water wise habit that we commit too? What a difference we could make collectively!
If you havn't already signed up please do so now and help generate some thought and action about this subject. By virtue of being in NZ my own blog will be one of the first (in the world!) to go live with my water post on October 15 and I will be having a small giveaway so watch this space!

PS: Hope to see you there!


Debrina said...

Sounds great, Lisa. I'm in. :-)
Also, I need to email you!!

bad penny said...

Thanks for highlighting this Lisa.

If you want to join the matchbox swap - you can have Five Gold rings . Can you let me know yes or no on the blog Thanks x I'll cover the cost of posting all finished sets

notmassproduced said...

I didn't know about this - what a great idea