Friday, March 26, 2010

Leaf Lino Print

I hope you all like leaves and Autumn as much as I do! I've been playing around with a new lino cut which is a realitivly simple leaf design and I've introduced a 'new' colour to my prints- burgundy! It's a wonderful delicious colour which goes perfectly with coffee and Autumn. I've also been playing around with a few different methods for colouring my prints and taking them. A print straight onto paper still wet with coffee dye for example.  Here's a pic (below)  from my visual diary, the handmade book I made several months ago now. I hadn't used it for a while so it was quite nice flicking through and seeing the old entries. Click on the photo if you want to be able to read the notes below the images.

Below: The linocut itself, I often think these are little works of art in themselves and I think I will make a few 'lino carvings' at some point so that the lino itself is the work of art and the prints a by-product. I love the texture and the way the ink holds in some places but not in others.That fabulous background is the coffee and acrylic paint nude I used for my books cover. I am so inspired by these warm shades!


Last but not occured to me that the leaf print didn't have to be square just because the lino block was! I love these ripped and sissor cut leaves! The background it sits on just happens to be a sneak peak of the design idea I have for my next lino cut...I'm playing with the idea of seeds and ripples.

These prints, as you may have noticed, arn't perfect. I made the first few prints in black and didn't like the fat 'colouring book' lines that I had so I trimmed them down...and accidently cut off a line I didn't want too! Too late once it's gone! I was quite annoyed with myself but didn't want to throw away the block for the sake of a line and I think I will be able to save myself a little bit with some strategic colouring and water dripping.

I'm planning a new collage for the "Take it and Run" project I mentioned a few posts back.These prints are for it and I am quite excited about the design I can currently see taking shape in my head!  
More next posting!


Kris Henderson said...

I like your prints! I prefer to me yours are perfect ;) do you understand that?
Hope to see your ideas for new cuts become reality.

Kim said...

The prints are wonderful Lisa. Autumn is my fav season of the year, and trees and leaves my fav living things! I like the work in your visual diary too. Glad that you posted it here to show the evolution of the prints.

Renee Howell said...

Great prints. Torn paper is the best. Natural surprise. And love that you are heading into fall as I head into spring. Good to be in two places at once. Whoops - just looking outside my window - snowing heavily! Spring - soon, but not today.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I like all the artwork you do, Lisa, and I'm always pleasantly surprised when I come here. I like your imperfect lino cut. That's so much better than a perfect one. It's more real.

Penny said...

I love making lino cuts, they are such little works of art in themselves. I like yours and the imperfection just makes it better.

ArtPropelled said...

Checking in to your blog, seeing your glorious header followed by the leaf linoprints, gives me a lift. I love the visual diary pages with the notes beneath each sample and am drawn to the first two ..... Black,before trim in coffee .... Printed on dripped coffee when wet.

Annie said...

I love the last shot where you have the printed leaves over the line drawings.