Saturday, March 27, 2010

Take it and Run

I stumbled across Richard  Watkins one day while I was commenting on another bloggers post. His blog name "Pen Paper Pause" looked interesting so I dropped by...and stayed! Richard does "Thought Sketches" candid sketches accompanied by only a few words- observations of the world around him, reflections on events or people and short poems. The blog has a kind of "post secret" quality in that you feel like you are glimpsing inside his mind and sharing in his thoughts. His sketches are simple, honest and real. I  recommend you click on over to his blog or his flicker page and check it out. Richard also has lots of good ideas... a physical blog space in a book store was one that caught my attention. Instead of logging on to see a new post you simply walked in and saw the latest entry on a wall. Good idea!
Anyway...I was really enthusatic when I commented and one sketch in particular really clicked with me, a simple piece called Autumn.  When Richard emailed and asked if I'd like to take part in "Take it and Run" I could hardly believe my luck! I felt even luckier when I realised  the piece 'Autumn' was available for me to play with too! This is what he said...The idea is simple. People like you take one of my pen paper pause sketches, and run with it. Using your own individual style, create an entirely different visual execution that still uses the words of the original. The totally new from the old.

Below is my contribution to his project. Thanks Richard!

Lino print leaf coloured with water colour paints and lead pencil.

I adore the bright colours of the leaf but I think the decayed leaf which is just lead pencil and the ink from the print is kinda special too!

Below my finished collage which I have titled "Autumn Too."

Leaf prints, ripped circle, coffee dyed paper, old bridge pad paper, thread, recycled paper. The top piece with all the numbers was found inside a book I got at the second hand shop. I love finding ephemera from the previous owner!

The text is from Richard's thought sketch and it says...

There is a certain nonchalance
to how Autumn leaves fall

as if they are fully aware
of their beauty

as if they are fully at ease
with their death.


Thanks to everyone who popped by yesterday and shared the warmth with me. I love hearing how you've enjoyed  my imperfect leaves...and I love visiting your blogs too!

Coming soon: A pulpy post! My fingers havn't just been sewing paper collages ya know!
The ICE exhibition will be online April 1st (our April 1st) collages sell fast so if you want to grab a great piece of art from any of the 120+ artists participating you better mark your calenders now!


Seth said...

What a cool concept. And I love the end result! Off to his blog now.

Debrina said...

Neat stuff, Lisa! Love the leaves - they are beautiful! I love the way you have incorporated them into this collage. AND now, like Seth, I'm off to visit Richard's blog....

Mick said...

The step forward through this collaboration was, for me, like walking into a wall. You've done a fantastic job and both artists benefit.

Now, pulp you say? OH BOY!

Pen Paper (Pause) said...

I love it Lisa - this is truly wonderful.
I really like the coffee stains.

Pen Paper (Pause) said...

for those of you who want to see where it started:

bad penny said...

absolutley lovely

danit said...

Hi Lisa.

I wanted to Congratulate you, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award!

You know I love your work. Thanks for having such a wonderful and interesting blog!

Deborah said...

Love the leaves! What a cool blog, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Kim Palmer said...

Great piece Lisa. Love the watercolour additions to the lino prints, fantastic! Your style has definitely evolved into something quite recognisable as your own. The ice exhibition is wonderful, will definitely be in it next year! Congratulations on your sale here! No suprise to the rest of us!