Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NZ Mail Art postcard book swap

I'm currently doing a NZ Mail Art post card book swap and these postcards are the first 4 (of 5) that I am sending out. In return I will get 5 postcards back from the other players. The postcards will become the pages of the book. We picked our own themes and mine was 'collaged ephemera'. They're shown here in the order I made them.
Gold serviette, raffle tickets, lino cut teasel, rescued encyclopedia images. I made this one before the DIS-CO cards and I can see how it was influenced by the space I was in at the time. To me the others are quite different. I made the bottom 3 in the same day.
Rescued bird images from an encyclopedia, raffle ticket numbers, old ledger paper (thanks Debrina!) paper scrap (the black and white paper is from the inside of a business envelope.) Butterfly image.

Leaf prints, dictionary definition for "natural..." rescued wild flowers from an encyclopedia and recycled fantail from a children's fact book. I love that bird! This is my favorite out of the 3 I made that day!

Vintage cigarette card, raffle ticket numbers, ledger paper scrap, serviette, recycled book images, dictionary definition for 'nature.' Those cigarette cards were such a great score!
So there they are. I will make the last card when the muse takes me, although these are being sent out a one per week so I have plenty of time!
Today's the last day to enter the LUCKY DIP draw for the DIS-Co postcards....check back here tomorrow to see who the lucky winners are!


John said...

how do I enter ,. if so, did I win?

I love all our use of birds, Lisa.

birds = beauty and freedom.

Debrina said...

I thought something looked familiar in one of those postcards! They are fabulous Lisa! How do I join this neat swap???

Debrina said...
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Judith Stadler said...

Wow! Your cards are wonderful. Your DisCo piece obviously had really good Karma as is evidenced by it's most fortunate multiple re-births.

Jill Zaheer said...

What wonderful treasures you've created from your disco project. They all have a a common
"thread" that runs through them, yet they are all beautiful in their own unique way. Love the bird, leaf, raffle ticket and serviette ephemera incorporated into them. Gee- I would love to START a postcard collection with one of yours! Thanks so much for visiting my disco project and leaving your comment. Seth has such a magical way of bringing people together!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I love all your projects and am always very curious to see what you are up to and want to do the same things myself. You are a very creative person and I'm glad you have so many ways to express that.

notmassproduced said...

these are great - I love the colurs and the graphics.