Monday, March 22, 2010

And the winner is.....

PENNY from the blog "With My Boots and Sketchbook"  is the lucky winner of my ICE Celebration giveaway! I used the old fashioned lucky dip from a bucket method to draw the winner.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by to comment on my collage series "chain reaction" and to all those who liked my art enough to want to enter the giveaway! MWAH!

In case you missed it last time here's what Penny has won.

 While on the subject of the International Collage Exchange here's a preview of the official postcard that Dale has put together. It serves as an invitation to the exhibition's opening as well as a momento of the exchange. Each participating artist will recieve atleast one in their package of fantastic collages.
Cheer's Dale!

Very soon I will be able to link it up to the online exhibition going live on April 1st.

Another exciting thing happening in blogland, although completely unrelated to ICE is Seth Apter's
This is an event happening on his blog each Sunday now that 18 amazing Secret Sunday's have gone by and that project has finished. Thanks Seth!

Knowing the quality of Seth's posts (not to mention his art!) and can be fairly certain that this is something you don't want to miss so click on over to his blog and sign yourself up!

Oh, and don't forget to grab yourself this snazzy little thumbnail for your blog and enter his giveaway while your there!


Seth said...

Lucky Penny! And lucky people in ICE that will received your collages. Thanks so much too for getting the word out about The Book Guild!

Mick said...

Darn the luck! I didn't win anything ... again!

Debrina said...

Well done Lisa! You, unlike me, finished your collage series. Now I'm going to HAVE to concentrate for the following ICE year ahead to complete mine uin readiness for the following year. Well done too, to your lucky winner!!! I love your new blog header - great photo depicting just how much you've accomplished with ICE. They are a stunning collection of collages.