Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Autumn is still teasing us here in NZ. Characteristic cold, crisp mornings, clear sunny skies during the day and starry, starry nights but not a lot of wind-fall seeds and leaves yet! 
I want to have an 'autumn love' table this year...way to go pinterest!...so I thought I would collect acorns from the local pond. What a bonus to come home with a thrush nest and red fruits too!
(The two other nests and the vintage cloths sit with it but it's not quite a table display yet!)

Happy Autumn/Fall or Spring to you all!


Caterina Giglio said...

just lovely, and our spring is teasing us too... last year we had an early spring ... March was warm and delicious, this year it is still pretty chilly and now the rains have begun... but the birds are definitely nesting... congrats on the nest, just beautiful! x

Kris said...

Beautiful Autumn bounty!

Debrina said...

...and here in Bangkok, it just gets hotter. In fact, I reckon we have 3 seasons here: hot, bloody hot, and f&*#n hot, LOL!

Anyway, you're making me homesick, once again...