Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Honours!!

At the end of each year I have a tendancy to reflect back on the year that nearly was. I think back over both the good and the bad and remember the people who've helped shape the year. As I said in my last post this year has been a great art year. New techniques and new ideas as well as further developement of old ideas and techniques. I think the biggest areas of growth for me have been in collage and altered books.  Although some areas have taken a back step- painting and I just don't get along right now! When the time is right I hope that side of me will come back to life but for now I am learning to 'just let it be' and see what happens. Just as important as all this growth are the old (not meant litteraly!) and the new bloggers that have entered my life. It would be very wrong of me if I were to think I had made it to where I am now without the friendship and sharing of other bloggers! For that reason I have decided to do a "New Years Honours" list. I want to honour each and every person who's commented this year (thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!) but I especially want to honour those who've made a specific difference to my artistic journey. These bloggers are listed below, in alphabetical order.

Alicia of Altered Bits- a lady with big ideas and a big heart Alicia's zines are a labour of love and her ability to make people feel important is a special gift. Alicia is also part of the Pulp Redux collab and this collaboration  has been one of the high points of my year!

Andrea of The Artful Eye- I've been loving Andrea's art for some time now and I am inspired by Andrea's  ideas and style.Although a change in circumstances meant we couldn't collaborate I know Andrea's with the Pulp Redux'ers in spirit and she also gave our collab it's name!

Debi of the Many hats of Debi Cates- I am sure this will suprise Debi! It was Debi's enthusatic response to my photography that helped keep me blogging when I was just new to this and although I don't visit her blog as often I used too there is never a visit to her blog that dosn't leave me with the urge to grab my own camera and lay down in the grass with it! I am both inspired and impressed by this talented photographer!

Debrina of Debrina's diary- with out you the Pulp Redux collab may never have gotten off the ground! I may get the credit for the idea but it was you who took it on board and helped it grow. I have had my horizon's widened by Deb's altered board book ideas, I had never realised they had so many possibilities! I am also thrilled to have another Kiwi of like-mind in my circle!

John of Typos.Daylight.Fate- John is a man who truly see's art in everyday life. I have enjoyed not only  digital quilts but the art of Black Berry photography through John's blog. John appreciates the light forms and shapes that most people don't notice and his sampling is a form of flattery in itself. Also worthy of  mention is the commentary on my own blogs and others that has made me feel great and laugh on many occasions!

Kim of Merlin's Musings- Kim's a blogger I don't know very well but I am left with the feeling that I really want to! Thanks to Pulp Redux I have that opportunity and her contribution to her own book "Fragments, Vestiges and Remains" touched me emotionally as well as artistically. Not only do I have a new appreciation for the NZ and Australian soldiers but I can never again go past the belts section of the second hand shop without  looking the buckles that can be altered!

Lawendula of Woven Papers- Lawendula's blog is also relaitvely new on my list of blogs to visit. Lawendula is the host of regualr monthly paper swaps which not only result in the swapping of lovely paper treats but also fosters friendships in the blogging communtity. Her own art is earthy and respectful of the environement and that's always worthy of a mention!

Lisa J of Mudhoud Primatives- Lisa is an exceptional artists working primarly with fibre and fabric. Lisa's work has really inspired me and I've recently started 'playing around' with fabric myself. Her work is stunning and her creations hold lots of little gems and thoughtful touches that are a real delight to find. I am quite sure that this is just the start of a new journey of discovery for me and I feel lucky to have to opportunity to see her art 'in the real' courtesy of Pulp Redux.

Mandy of Artist by Nature- I am baffled as to why this multi talented NZ'r isn't a squillionare yet! Mandy's art is outstanding. Her photography leaves me green with envy and her paintings and assemblage work are so incredibly well executed that I can't get enough of her ideas and artwork.Her bird photography shows her love and apprecation of birds and I can certainly respect that! I am hoping to get together with Mandy in the future to create a photo-documentary of  her at work and this will surely be an amazing experience.

Mick of Mick Mathers Art- Mick and I have been following each others blogs for a few years now! Mick's got a knack for pairing up his art with great quotes/captions and he always takes the time to respond to comments. Something I appreciate as I often ask him questions! I have received many good suggestions /ideas from him, especially when it comes to lino cutting! Mick get's bonus points for his birdhouse series of digital works.

Robyn of Art Propelled- Not only do I love Robyn's own works I also gain inspiration from the fantastic posts she puts together about other artsits. Robyn creates awesome wooden carvings of all sizes and shapes, some with niches displaying treasures! Lovely, earthy, mother nature like pieces that impress me every time and leave me with the urge to give it a go myself!

Seth of the Altered Page- Seth is a blogger who not ony creates great artworks he also takes the time to unite other bloggers. He has inspired me in many ways but most specifically with the Dis-Co project. I am thankful for the chance to have participated as it not only created new contacts for me it also got me on the road to making paper. Paper making is something I really enjoy and I love to use the resulting papers in my collages, not only are they earth friendly they add a tactile element to my work which I love!

So, that's my list of honours. The Sir's and Dame's of my year! I hope no will be offended to not see their name here because I truly appreciate each and every person who's commented and shared in the great art journey travelled in 2009.

May you all find peace, love and happiness this year!


Anonymous said...

thank you so very much, lovely lady! it's such an honour to be on your list and i thank you for your kind words! i adore everyone on your list too, some i know more than others, and some i look forward to trying to get to know better.

i hope you have an amazing day, and a fantastically creative and blissful new year!


Debrina said...

Happy New Year, Lisa! Thank you so much for honouring me!! Oh you are such a sweety - what lovely comments you have made about us all. I met John the other day - what a neat guy! I love his photography! I also love yours, as you know, and I would love to hear more about the painting.

Lawendula said...

Thank you Lisa, that is very kind of you!!!
"See you" on January, 4 to the next swap!

All the best, LaWendula

John M. Mora said...

Thank you, Lisa. I am hoping to have a great 2009!

Lisa said...

Lisa, How sweet and kind of mad my day!! Thank you so much for your thoughtful compliments!!! I feel very lucky to have met you and become involved with the exciting Pulp's been one of the highlights of my year and next year too.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Know what you mean about the internet connection..mine has been almost non existant the last few days..too many people home on their computers!!

La Dolce Vita said...

Happy New Year!
great list of wonderful blog friends and all deserve to be honored!

Kim said...

Thankyou so much Lisa! I am truly honoured to be a part of your list here especially amongst the wonderful caliber of artists you have gathered. I am familiar with most of them and for the odd one or two that I'm not, I look forward to learning more! Certainly the blogging world has presented us with wonderful new friends, artistic challenges, and inspiration and I am most grateful that I can count you amongst them. Thanks so much for the sweet comments, Hugs and here's to a fabulous 2010!

Debi said...

Lisa, oh, I am indeed surprised. I remember those days, back when we encouraged each other! I still think fondly of certain shots of yours. And, this sounds silly, but knowing you has forever made me aware December isn't always winter. How encouraging is that? :)

Every time I see a nest, or even something that looks like a nest, I think of you, your art, your children, and your cheerful dispositions. Not a bad thing to think of, eh?

Thank you so much for including me here among such an esteemed list of talent. A very happy new year to you and yours!

Debi said...

Oh, and one more thing...yes, Lisa, roadrunners are real! Cool, huh?

Seth said...

Thank you so much for including me among this group of talented, creative, and welcoming artists. It is greatly appreciated. I wish you a 2010 filled with health, happiness, and creativity!!

ArtPropelled said...

Lisa, thank you so much for your sweet, generous words! What a lovely surprise to get me back into blogging mode after my short break.
Everything of the best for 2010!
You are off to a good start with your great new header.

deb said...

So many of the people on your list would be on mine if I had been so thoughtful as to make one, i was thinking about you all day today and started a project using "your" papers, that I hope I'll be able to post soon, Happy New Year!! I wish you joy on the journey and great friends to travel with!

Mandy said...

Happy New Year Lisa. Thank you so much for your kind words re my blog. I feel very honoured. Have been so busy of late I hadn't turned my computer on for ages so it was a lovely surprise to be mentioned on your honours list. I love your nest paper idea, will watch with interest how it evolves. Happy Camping!!!!