Saturday, August 28, 2010

VD pages

It's been a while since I used my Visual Diary so the other day I reacquainted myself with old works and read the notes I'd written my self. Feeling inspired I spent some time doing prep work for the next ICE series. These are 3 pages from my visual diary, the collages are unrelated to the ICE collection I just mentioned. I  created them quite a while ago, at the time of my circle and dot experiment.s They've been floating about in a drawer for far too long and it's good to see them glued into my VD. I had intended for the bottom 2 collages to be part of my 4 weeks in Autumn series but they never got there because life 'getting in the way' instead!

Sometimes it is a struggle to evolve my work while keeping it true to me. I can't tear myself away from the nests, birds and ripped papers ( I love these ripped seeds!)
The map pieces are a new addition and I like the vertical lines in the top collage. I think I will explore the use of them a little further even though I naturally go for curves.

Speaking of the ICE series...Dale Copeland is currently in Bulgaria where she attened the opening ceremony for the exhibition of our collages in Bulgaria. She said that the collages are either framed in groups of 6 or bound together in books. How exciting!
Here's a copy and past of part of Dale's email to the group telling us where the collages are... "apparently they were excavating for an underpass and discovered an ancient street with huge paving stones. And the remains of a very luxurious house with mosaic tile floors, a fountain in the guestroom .... this is from Roman times, at the peak of luxury in their empire. What to do with this find? They built an art gallery around it! Your collages look superb there. And Bulgarians take art as seriously as they take history."
I can hardly believe one of my collages, created on my lounge floor is now in such a place!
Quite a few visitors have said they want to do the collage exchange next year and I really hope you do. Put some time aside and commit to this project because it really is worth it!

Last but not least, the fabulous Donna Watson of "Layers" has put together a wonderful post featuring collage artists, nests and poetry. Perfect! Donna even did me the honour of featuring one of my collages...thanks Donna! You can see the post here.


La Dolce Vita said...

it was wonderful to see your work there! how lovely to be featured! the current pieces are awesome too and I love that first piece... hope life is getting easier for you!!

La Dolce Vita said...

it was wonderful to see your work there! how lovely to be featured! the current pieces are awesome too and I love that first piece... hope life is getting easier for you!!

ArtPropelled said...

Exciting indeed! To think of your collage housed in such a gallery! Quite a story to tell. I love the last seed piece..... actually I love all of them. The bird collage has an eastern feel to it.

Mick said...

Don't tear yourself away from your nests and birds and ripped papers. Your mind, as well as your studio, is filled with images that are comprised of these things or that touch on them. Get everything out, spread them around, tack them on the studio wall, keep pasting in your Visual Diary and review it regularly. Until you do get them out, there's no room for the images that lead to the next step.

Nora said...

I love the pages in your visual diary and I think you're so naturally talented. I like the fact that you use muted colors that don't shout at you, but are very subtle. Your work is in balance too and delicate yet firmly present. I haven't seen anything like it yet.

bad penny said...

How wonderful !

Debrina said...

Your work here is such a joy to behold, Lisa. I'm just sorry I haven't been able to get here sooner. I love your visual diary too - it looks so perfect and beautiful.

notmassproduced said...

just gorgeous