Thursday, April 1, 2010

Virtual Tart, some sunshine and a lil somthing beautiful.

It's live! The ICE exhibition on the Virtual Tart website is up and ready. Over 130 collage artists have participated in this years exchange and there is so much diversity and colour on display. It's well worth you making a cuppa and making a visit! I am sure you will recognise a few of the names too!

My internet connections been down for the last few days but now that I've finally gotten back on line I have seen that I've been lucky enough to recieve 2 awards. The first is the 'beautiful blogger' award kindly given to me by Deborah of "While I was Waiting" and the second is from Danit of The Letter Project. Thanks ladies!  I'm not very good at following the rules as I am supposed to tell you a whole bunch of stuff you didn't already know about myself and between the 2 awards I am supposed to make 17 nominations!
Instead going to honour the 2 people who gave me the award! Deborah makes lovely fabric gems that feature recycled items and the occasional happy accident! Deborah refers to her art as 'unplugged sewing' which I think is kinda cool and she's also participating in the Erosion Bundle Project. Way to go Deborah!

Danit gave me the "sunshine award' which was a complete surpise. Danit is a member of one of the Yahoo groups I belong to and we've swapped art and played in each other's Altered Books. I like Danit's style and I was lucky enough to be partnered up withher not so long ago in an emphemera swap. Danit's blog is The Letter Project which is about good ol' fashioned snail mail and the joy of receiving real mail!

Still coming soon: My promised  Pulpy Post! I had a diversion but I am back on track now!


Deborah said...

Thanks, Lisa!

The Green Stone Woman said...

Congratulations, Lisa. Well deserved!

Seth said...

Congrats on the reward. And I had been to the TART exhibit earlier today. What great work -- yours included!!