Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiku Walkway #1

Yesterday I went for a walk  with the kids around the Haiku Walkway in Katkati. Katikati is about 40 minutes drive from Tauranga and the walkway itself sits just off the main road. The setting is lovely, large open grass areas, a river winding through, tall shade-giving trees, the Kaimai ranges in the distance and a bridge to walk over- just what you would expect from an area dedicated to the appreciation of Haiku. I found out this this walkway has the largest collection of Haiku Stones outside of Japan and it is the largest dedciated Haiku walk  in the Southern Hemisphere. I imagine that this area has become a speacial place of quiet for many walkers, artists, nature lovers and poets alike. If you're interested in the parks origins and the significance of many of it's features please visit this site for more information. I  will be posting my own photos here over a couple of posts. I also recommend a visit to Opennings Connecting if this subject interests you because Neva's done a lovely post on "Zen seeing, Zen Drawing as Haiku."

The Uretara River winds through the walkway and forms the backdrop for the Haiku Stone below.

on the river
darker than the birds

Catherine Mair (Haiku walkway founder and poet.)

one by one
the trees disappear
Ernest Berry (NZ)

Stationary bus
talking we visit places
within each other
Janice.M.Bostok (Australia)

they stop and ask me the way
if only I knew
Barry Morrall (NZ)

I hope you've enjoyed the walk! More to come and ICE #9 "Ironic" is also under 'construction' so to speak!


neva gagliano said...

LISA!!!! when you said you were going for a haiku rock walk, i pictured small stones, a few maybe...WOW!!! amazing, putting my two loves together, rocks and words! i'm ELATED by this...thank you SO MUCH for posting these photos, and..mentioning my site. (i have to learn how to do that)
sooooooo, my day has been made.
enjoy the weekend, pal. neva

Jasmine said...

What a eautiful walk way. I love the way the haiku merges with the environment. So gentle!

Lawendula said...

What a great idea! This is awesome! Love it. Wish I could walk it myself.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I wish we had something like it here. I think it's wonderful!

Annie said...

Wonderful. Just love the idea that Haiku are sitting out there in natural settings. Thanks for taking me with you.

Lisa said...

Lisa, What a sublime place to visit..inspiration all around. I love it.

La Dolce Vita said...

what a great post and such a beautiful place thanks so much for taking me along ... rock on!

Debi said...

Bless the founder of this park! Even though I'll likely never see it for myself, reading your post and seeing your photos was memorable.

Debrina said...

Hi Lisa - look I'm on the ball...I saw this latest blog update! Well, I never, my folks lived in Katikati for years and I had no idea that there was a haiku walkway! Oh well...
Still, my sister is still up that way (the Mt to be precise)so I shall just have to go into Kaitkati next time I'm up her way!
I'm up to ICE number 5, so look out, I'm catching up, lol! Can't wait to see your number 9 instalment!!

Seth said...

What a special place and such a great idea.

John M. Mora said...

great feature w/ pro quality photos...