Wednesday, October 14, 2009

International Blog Action Day 2009

Digitally Altered photo by Lisa Sarsfield 2009
This years theme for International Blog Action Day is Climate Change. These days there is hardly anyone over the age of 5 who hasn't heard of Climate Change. Climate Change isn't just something that 'could happen' if we fail to treat our earth better and to take a more balanced approach in our use of natural resources, it is something that is already happening. Climate Change is resulting in the loss of land, loss if ice of our glaciers and in extreme weather patterns. Drought, fire, floods...cost people their incomes, their homes, their heritage, their lives. There's a great cost to the other species on this planet also, even those we depend on for our own survival. There's no sense to this madness! It's a consequence of our own actions and those of the generations before us. All is not lost, not only can we make changes to our habits and lobby the 'powers that be' for better laws and more balance we can also help others who are already feeling the 'bite' of climate change. This CARE video helped me to see a side of climate change that I am fortunate enough to be away from. It made me realise that there is a very human face to the suffering and heartache. This is about more than fast melting ice, this is about the survival of our own kind. Please take a look at this CARE site for more information on there work and to see there thought provoking photo galleries.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

So what is a blog action day?

The Green Stone Woman said...

Your doing a great job on Blog Action Day, Lisa.

deb said...

Lisa, I think that we are perfectly matched paper swappers, oh I am so excited!!!

John M. Mora said...

You are right, Lisa - no joking about our world.

Great altered pic too. Just beautiful image you posted here.

Seen any shag nests recently.

White-washed havens, they are.

My revolving door best.