Saturday, October 3, 2009

ICE 2010 #3 Harmony

International Collage Exchange 2010
Series: Chain Reaction
Title: Harmony
Embossed leaf on handmade paper, coffee dyed paper, leaf lino print on serviette, thread, pencil, recycled papers.

It was layout number 2 that won me over! It was very nearly number 1 but I realised that I nearly always put the darker/bolder image on the left so I decided to do it the opposite way just for a change. I titled this 'Harmony' because while I was creating this piece the words "Harmony sustains life' kept replaying in my head. Given it's relevance to the meaning behind my work I knew the collage had just been named. I've been waiting to use that leaf for some time now, no project seemed right but I can see it belongs here, as it was meant to be.

A paper swap?? Yes it's true! This international paper swap is being hosted by "Woven Letters" so please drop by her blog and sign up if this sounds like you....which it does of course!


ArtPropelled said...

Lovely! This piece would look beautiful in my latest post :-)
The second detail photo is art in itself.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I keep going beck to it and looking at what you've done and drawing inspiration from it. I hope you don't mind. There's something in there that's jiggling something in my mind. I'm coming up with an idea. You are an inspiration. Very well done, Lisa!

John M. Mora said...

excellent addition - i clicked on the 2010 label link - it would be great to have link where you just have the final work, best.

Lisa said...

beautiful and elegant...i love the simplicity of it

Seth said...

This is gorgeous. Love the addition of the stitching too!

Debrina said...

Hello Lisa! Wow you are WAY ahead of me on this one. Once again, just such a beautiful have really got your own style there. Congratulations. It usually takes years of doing art to get a style like that!!!!

Gaby Bee said...

I enjoyed looking at your make great compositions! Beautiful, relaxing, dreamy and just so perfect.
Gaby xo

Poetic Artist said...

This is so simply beautiful.