Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Portait of the Invitation from Dale Copeland

Portrait of the Artist
An exhibition on the Virtual Tart site, September 2010.
If you're interested in being part of this exhibition, please let me know at dale @ (remove the spaces)

Theme: Portrait of the artist. Any medium, any size.
It's a virtual exhibition, on the Virtual Tart website. So you send only an image, not the actual work.Send a big enough image to be used in print as well as on the Net.
Entry fee will be $15. (cheque/check or PayPal is fine)I'm open to suggestions, but at present I think the best 'prize' system might be to have viewers vote, and the 25 images with most votes are put into a PERMANENT Portrait of the Artist exhibition on the Net.
In this world of fleeting fame and transitory images, is that a good idea?And we're looking at producing a booklet with images of those 25 artworks..Get an image of the artwork to me by the early August, 2010.
You can send the image by email or on a disk or as a posted photograph.
To: Dale Copeland
7266 Surf Highway
R D 37
New Zealand

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Debrina said...

Ahhh...Dale's at it again - another great idea by the virtual tart!