Monday, August 17, 2009

Early Spring

As often as I can I like to take a walk with my camera. I do this partly for my daily photo blog and partly for inspiration and a moment to...take a moment. To just listen, walk slowly and watch. Winter seems to have gone by so fast this year and Springs leaving her mark everywhere already. I wish I could share the heavenly scent of the sweet magnolia blooms that I could smell as I stood and admired. Note the butterfy that was kind enough to flutter into my photo! It was quite blissful being out here and spring has more promises to come. How can one not be inspired?
My daughters op has been cancelled for the 2nd time...looks like I'm here to play for a bit longer:)


Mick said...

Spring ... (sigh) ... I do love that season so.

John said...

butterfly magnolia - jea.lous hot as heck here...sorry the surgery got postponed agaian - thjat must be hard...leovely post, as always, mum (I only call you mum somehow).

We saw the new harry potter movie in imax this weekend - do they have imax in NZ?

I could make a squirrel movie for ya...

Debrina said...

I love Spring and I hate Spring. The first for its beauty, the 2nd for its cursed pollen!

Beaut photos though Lisa! Also - I love your lino cutting below. Very envious you have mastered the art.

The Green Stone Woman said...

You make such beautiful photographs, lisa, with a butterfly even. I can't believe it's springtime for you. I'm envious.

Too bad about the postponement of the surgery again, very frustrating!


The Artful Eye said...

What about poop? HA
The seasons seem to be flying by.

Enjoy this wonder of spring.

I hope these op cancellations are not preventing your daughter from getting her necessary care. Think of you all often and sending warm wishes.