Friday, June 6, 2008

Hand Made postcards and Altered Bread Tag, Tags!

Altered Bread Tag, Mini Tags. Bread tags, recycled card, gifted embellishments, beads, wool.

"Tree" theme. Recycled greeting cards, sewing pattern paper, magazine image (for back ground) arcylic paint (I used the end of a felt tip to make the ring marks.)

"Pockets and Tags" theme. Recycled greeting cards, magazine images, sticker backing from a book of stamps (you know the stuff left behind when you peel off the stamps and you're left with little 'windows'...even they have a use! lol.)

A group called "Decorative Envies" that I belong to also does monthly postcard swaps. Last months theme (which I just made yesterday! opps!) was "Trees" and Pockets and Tags.

I recently hosted an 'altered bread tag' swap on my yahoo group "alternative artists" and we had to use a bread tag as an embellishement. The idea is not original, a friend of mine sent me some she had altered and I thought it was such a great idea that we should do it on the group (with her permisson!) If the card board looks similar to those on the postcards it's because I used the scrap from the postcards! The original card was found at a 2nd hand shop for 20c! How's that for good milage? lol.

Thanks Andrea for leaving me Sweet Irene's address. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on my tour of the globe!

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Mick said...

Gee wizzikers! Bread tags? Who knew? I've been away from the artsy, craftsy scene far too long.

The Artful Eye said...

You go girl! I love the recycled stuff. All this artwork is fantastic. I must check out your altered artists group. I know it says "alternative" but I decided I like altered because it's the way I'm feeling.

Joy Logan said...

Love the blog Lisa but I can't read the purple writing over the red unless I strain. Kewl tags you made and the recycled card. I almost cried reading about the starving dog,poor thing,how could they stand around him like that. OMG sad! Looks like you have been plenty busy.

Shani said...

Great work here Lisa on all your latest posts! Goodness, your productivity makes me feel like an absolute slug! I need to get busy with it already!

John said...

the middle one is breathtaking - I tried to leave comments twice here, once beofre today, and the blogger.gods or pAssword typos killed them.