Monday, April 27, 2009

A good day...

It's been a great Monday! The kids all got back to school without a hitch and after a bit of housework I was left to do what I wanted...well first off I wrote myself a TO DO list which was a bit adventurous for one day but I did tick a couple of things off and so that's progress! Below are my treasures from a quick trip to the op shop just before I picked the kids up...

The container is a bit kitch (I think that's the term for a bit trashy!) but I adore it because it has birds on it...and not just any bird but NZ native birds. For $1 I am very happy! It actually has a blue plastic lid but I didn't put it on for the photo. Opps! The enamel bowl has nothing to do with the bird bucket, I just liked it and when we go on a real camp it will be well used! The fabric will be used to make cushion covers as soon as I have time! Winter will probably result in lots of sewing now that I have finally acquired a sewing machine! Last but not least is a gardening diary book which was in bad condition but at 50c I am sure I can make use of the imagery and the intact signatures. So those are the 'scores' I made and that in itself would be enough to make me happy...but my good day didn't stop there...I got my flower press out of the cupboard to retrieve some leaves I pressed about 3 weeks ago (remember my hat full of leaves?) and they're looking lovely!Almost to lovely to use...

The green leaves are marigold leaves, I was just playing to see what they came out like:) I have a paper making set/sieve/tray so I am thinking that some home-made paper might also be on the cards...look at the wonderful embossed print I discovered when I lifted the leaves! What a great surprise! I am not sure what I will be able to do with the paper (it's soft tissue/serviette paper) but I have kept it of course!

Last but not least...anyone for a bit of Bacon? These are my recipe cards for this months recipe fat-book tip in swap. I gave fun painting the paper for my bacon strips!

It's no longer Monday, I ended up saving this in draft. It's Tuesday now and I have been out collecting leaves before the council mows them or the forcasted storm destroys them...they're all so pretty and there are so many red leaves at the moment! As this space! Hoping to tour the globe later tonight...I've missed my blogging friends!


The Artful Eye said...

Hi Lisa,
I've been on a sabbatical. I'm finding that I like to disappear once in a while.

Is an op shop, like a thrift store?
I would have snagged that lovely bird container in a heartbeat.

I love how your pressed flowers turned out. I would try to preserve the tissue. Maybe spray starch? to stiffen it. Then you can paint it.

Great job on the bacon strip paper too! My husband is on a bacon kick, thank goodness he's thin.

Hope all is well.

The Gossamer Woman said...

The book is in Dutch and the title is, "Green Diary for Room and Garden."

I love your dried leaves, They are super fantastic and I would be very interested in doing this myself, but then again, I am so interested in so many things.

I like the bird bucket, very cheerful.

I have decided to stick with clay for now and collect more items for altered books first. I don't have enough different elements to make something interesting yet. I need to start foraging and I need time for that and money and inspiration. I find it kind of daunting right now.

Thank you for always being a source on inspiration. You are multi talented.

Debrina said...

So glad you're back and a big thumbs up on your "scores"! I love the fantail container - kitch is good!!!! The leaves come out so very beautiful on the computer too...I love the way they indented the tissue paper, lol!

Mick said...

I, too, love the embossed paper created by the pressed leaves.

John said...

ran tin tin