Monday, February 2, 2009

Paths and Passages

The theme this month at CITY DAILY PHOTO is paths and passages. I had 2 pics I really wanted to post for this so I decided to post one here and one on my other blog- Tauranga Daily Photo. If you go to that blog not only do you get to see my official entry:) you can also follow the link to see paths and passages from all over the world. It's an amazing tour. The time worn streets of Italy, archways in Rome, dirt tracks in far away places and graffiti on a lovers's my offering of fallen leaves and light play on a local walking track.

I posted a colour version a while back on my TDP blog in a post titled 'walk with me' if your interested in see that version. This black and white one is my favorite, I just wish it posted a bit bigger here!

Go well:)
PS:One of my favorite bloggers and artists is also working with trees at the here to see the latest works.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

It's a very nice photograph, Lisa. I believe you when you say it looks even better bigger. I can see it matted and framed on my wall very well.Good job!

Mick said...

I love each of the photographs linked to, Lisa, and I agree that the b&w version adds a mood that's not quite as strong in color. Go figure! Too, my heartfelt thanks for linking to John Mora's website, his work is totally amazing and an instant add to my own blog.

John said...

Lisa, great pic and also my thanks for yo friend.ship.

My best.