Monday, November 3, 2008

Altered Playing Cards and old Tuscany!!

Altered playing cards. Charms, recycled bird images, wool, recycled garlic bag netting, paint and a postage stamp.

Wow, this has been a looooong drought. Nearly 3 months to the day since I last posted actual collage and paint art. If your memory needs a little refreshing too you can see it here!

To begin with I didn't actually care that the urge to create had unexpectedly deserted me. I trusted it would come back again...although its taken a little longer to do so than I would have thought and I don't even know why! I enjoyed mucking about with these playing cards today....I hope it is the start of a new and wonderful journey, even if it is a journey of re-discovery.

I haven't touched the old Tuscany painting, (which became "quilt of the land" when it was re-incarnated) in even longer. To start off with my lack of motivation came from the cold. The paint didn't blend well and I stopped attempting to make it. Poor excuse I know but I kinda ran outta creative gas! This is where I left it (and I have only just photographed it!) It's basically finished. An afternoon or 2 spent touching it up and straightening the odd line and its all done. The words 'speak to your mountains' is about facing our challenges/addictions/psychological hang ups head on. For those of you who witnessed my struggle with the first Tuscany and subsequent roller coaster road you will know how apt these words are for me personally. I don't think I would sell this one even if I had an offer for it, I have quite a lot invested in this piece and its very much part of me!
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The Boisterous Butterfly-by said...

Lisa, could you take a photograph of the painting from a little bit further distance. It seems all crowded in now and it is hard to get a good idea of the whole thing, how the different elements fit together.

Excuse me, but my question mark doesn´t work, so I really shouldn´t ask questions.

I like what you did to the playing cards and I glad your dry spell is over.

The Artful Eye said...

Your Tuscany redux resonates with me. It's beautiful color. The horizontal and vertical lines remind me of windows.

You're smart to just let the creative process take its course.

I have a painted wooden sign in my kitchen which reads, "Are not the mountains, waves and skies a part of me and my soul, as I of them? "

I like how you adorned these playing cards without painting entirely over them.

Bev said...

I well remember the Tuscany, and how well you managed to combine all your family responsibilities with doing it.

I love the clear lines and colours of this, and the message, which is apt.

Mick said...

There's something intuitive about leaving a project until the subconscious alerts you that it's time to get back to a specific work or series. As always, my advice is to take every side road encountered, for that same subconscious alert system knows the value of the detours.

John said...

Since you wont sell it I offer you a million dollars (US).

Great job on both. I have always had a soft spot for your collages.

Do not stand under active shag nests. Nothing white that comes down is creative gas.

Anonymous said...

Love the trading cards and love even more the new reincarnated Tuscany!!! Oh, now this is better than ever! I love the new form, the colors, the "patchwork" look to it. Very, very nice!