Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Altered Playing Cards

ACE of Spades. Recycled match box, recycled postage stamps and piece of fabric from my new tie addiction.
2 of Spades. Recycled bird image, magazine image, scrap fibres for nest and heart/paua charm from broken bracelet.

These altered playing cards were done for the montly swap on my Alternative Artists group and are currently on their way to the USA!

The first is another Ephemera themed card and the 2nd is "Inspirational" and I'm quite pleased with both!


Mick said...

One of these days I really need to begin documenting some of the collage I do in the mornings as I prepare for the day. None so well done as these, mind you, but a fleet undertaking, pasting down accumulations of ephemera while thinking and planning other things.

John said...

Very nice, Lisa. You are a kind and gifted swaper.

Love birds.

Shani said...

Nice! And I so like to see things given a second life! They've a very delicate feeling to me, like birds eggs fallen from a nest.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

These are WONDERFUL cards!! I love them!!

I have a blog give-away.

~ Diane Clancy

ARIC said...

Hi Lucky, beatiful your APC designs!! I´m from Argentina and I want to make swap with other artist, you make swap? I´m looking for APC and ATC. You can visit my page and see some works and prefer themes in www.mistarjetasatc.blogspot.com
Regards and Congrats!