Saturday, November 3, 2007


Title: Promised
Medium: Arcylic and Collage.
A visual diary page that I did trying to get out of the rut I have found myself in these past few days!
I have been thinking about my heritage a lot lately and focusing on native birds, eggs and nests. Eventually my mind came around to the first bird of my heritage and how it became possible to inherit these things. Through the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ himself. I don't think this is an exact scriptural quote but they are the words that came to my head when I asked for guidance. None of this painting was planned, I just did the background and went with what came to me! The bird was painted and the collaged over the top. Overall I am happy with the colours and general balance of the painting and happy to have produced something after several days of 'nothingness' that I am happy to show here! I have loads of ideas in my head now so watch this space! If you like this painting please also see the commissioned painting at the start of this blog (number 3 I think) or click on the 'Jesus' tag!
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