Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bird Song

Title: Birds
Medium: Arcylic and Collage

Monoprints of birds in a 'speed paint' background. This painting is about the idea more so than a technically great painting. It's not. I am currently exploring my own heritage, that is mine as a NZ born person. It occured to me that it's not just the native birds that are our heritage but their song also. There is something uplifting about hearing birds sing, their cheerful chatter as the group together or flit about.
I have been and seen the work of installation artist Mark Braunias this morning at the Tauranga art and I was captured by the images and ideas he was portraying. Some one described his work as being 'best glanced at' which I interupt to mean that you shouldn't look too closely at the finer points, it's not technically correct and finely finished. Just enjoy the images..the playful and sometimes serious capturing of moments and ideas. That is what this painting (that I did yesterday) is about...attempting and hopefully succeeding at putting a sound into a picture..after all the painting is not about the birds but the noise they make. I wasn't going to post it as I thought that it was somehow wrong to post 'messy' work but in hindsight I think that the idea has been portrayed well and there for it's worthy of it's spot here!
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Bev said...

You've got the feeling of the different colours and textures of the birdsong, some harsh, some smooth. The variated colours in the background give some idea to the variations in sound. The bird shapes are somewhat shadowy, but here you are really concentrating on the sounds. Those are my impressions!