Friday, November 23, 2007

King Penguins

One of my own photo's of penguins taken at Kelly Tarltons last year when we were home schooling. This could potentially be printed onto paper and used like the penguin photo I 'aquired' from an old book. It's quite exciting to suddenly see more possibilties for my photography ( see my other blog.) I once took photo's for an illustrator to use as a guide for his drawings in a kids book that was based in my area and that experience opened my eyes up to the possibilites of working as a freelance photographer for illustrators, now I have seen the light once again! My photography can create images that become images in my own collages and not neccessarily end up as actual photos! Seems very obvious now that I have worked it out!! lol.
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Bev said...

Great that you live somewhere where you can see penguins in the wild like this! We normally only see them in the zoo, and they aren't as big as these ones!

They look very regal, with bold yellow markings about their faces. Funny how a lot of animals have these display colours, and remind me a little of the lion, King of the Beasts, with his yellow mane framing his face!