Monday, October 10, 2011

Slow and steady...

I am making slow but steady steps forward with my detox mission! My head really is cluttered at the moment but I feel good about the progress.

So far I've blown the dust off my visual diary and started scribbling down my ideas for next years ICE exchange. I'm playing around with the concept of life lines, originally the idea was laughter lines. I don't mean the wrinkly ideas are more focused on paths represented by
 lines _________dots.......dashes _ _ _ 
and the paths are the places I've been, seen and loved. I am not well travelled having never left the North Island of my own country but there are definately places that have helped shape me as a person and as an artists. I have an emotional attachement to them. Here's a link to a series of Mick Mathers that's appealed to me for some time now. Not the same thing but appealing to me for similar reasons as 'life lines' is. This post is also very inspiring, thanks Robyn for your perfect timing in sharing this! I like the idea of taking a meditation memory walk and revisiting some special places. I then wonder if I should be looking forward and not back? In my head I can see pieces of maps, sewing pattern paper and navigation symbols such as the Southern Cross and compass points but I'm not sure how it all goes together yet and I havn't  reached that 'ah huh! moment. As you can see I am still confused and my vision is a little cloudy. It will come to me in it's own time and until then I will patiently wait. I'm good with that.

The other thing I have done is finish my 9 Grafitti pages.  The weather isn't photo friendly at the moment so no photos yet. The collages had been in the 98% finished stage for months and all that was left was the stitching. I can't believe a project that took months to get to only took me an hour to finish! Really! It feels good to see them done and I think I will turn them all into a visual diary to use next year.
Photos soon I promise!

Thank you for your kind comments, I have intentions to visit everyone a few blogs at a time so see you soon if I havn't already! 


ArtPropelled said...

You're off to a good start jotting down ideas. Suddenly they will gain momentum and off you go :-) Life lines...paths ... there is so much you can do with that concept. Looking forward to seeing what you do. Thanks for the mention Lisa and good luck with your detox mission.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Your visual diary sounds fabulous and I'll be very interested to keep track of your lifelines project as it unfolds. penny

Jo Murray said...

You are really getting organised Lisa... next year's ICE colages!!!!

Woe is me... when will I get started?

Nora said...

It sounds like you're on the right track already. You are very quickly organized. XOX

Mick said...

Oops! There you go, reminding me that my camera is getting dusty ... and, weather friendly? Some of my best photographs have been in lousy weather. Put on your sweater, a slicker, wrap that Kodak in a small plastic bag and get out there!

Thanks so much for the link to my work, Lisa.