Thursday, July 21, 2011

Waihi ICE Exhibtion

The Waihi Exhibition of the ICE collage's I've recieved over the previous 2 years as well as those recieved by several other participating artists in the North Island

Participating Artists include...

Dale Copeland
Grace Leal
Susan Gnaedinger
Pascale Hulin
Jeanna Manniken
Mary Beth Lies
Susan Hurrel-Fields
Claudine Intner
Jean Tock
Renea Erickson
Jane Hilbert
Lisa Haddad
Carol Melichar
Joanelle Connolly
Jude Worters

Event organised by Berys Daly
Thanks to all involved!

Coming soon is Seth Apter's BURIED TREASURE event.
Hop on over to Seth's if you want to sign up, this is a lot of fun!


Mick said...

It's always grand to have an exhibition ... it's the icing on the cake!

Kim Palmer said...

I agree with Mick. I'm trusting that one of yours ended up here as well?

deb said...

wish I could see the work a little better since it is too far to see in person!