Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anatomically Inspired Grafitti

I am so excited to be back in my art zone! I have been wanting to do another lino cut for a long time now but couldn't settle on an image to carve. I thought a lino cut could lend itself quite well to my graffiti pages for the International Signature Exchange and for want of a better search term I googled "lino cut grafitti' or something to that effect. Look what I found! The whole website is fantastically inspiring for a graffiti 'wannabe' such as myself! Full of inspiration I seized the moment and spent several hours drawing, carving, printing and collaging. In the end I only stopped because my shoulder blades were insisting! (Standing hunched over a bench isn't as easy as it used to be! lol)  Below is the result of my anatomically incorrect inspired linocut heart-nest!

I realised after printing several of these that my heart is not anatomically correct. The valves are back to front! I was going to re cut it and but had a little laugh at myself when I realised that I was worrying about making a heart with a nest in the middle anatomically correct! The existence of the nest made it incorrect  and the rest I am putting down to artistic license:)

This is signature two for the swap. I am enjoying adding collage elements to my grafitti inspired papers. Below is the inside of page two, which will have a blank double-sided page in the middle making these pages 1,2,7 and 8.

Above, my sketches, not included in my signature!
Below, signature one for those who missed it.

Below, a segment of the inside of this spread and the back of the signature, heart-nest added!

Sneaky peaks of the signatures I've collaged but not yet stitched. Anatomically correct or not, I love this heart-nest! 

PSSST> Watch this space to see my contribution to Seth Apter's Style File, coming soon!


Penny said...

I too like your heart nest, anatomically correct or not. What fun.
Just wish I could think straight at the moment, not sure if it is new meds or what but am in the deep fuzzies at the moment.

ArtPropelled said...

Yes I like it too ..... and your background splatters .... as well as your charming sketches!

Mick said...

Your work keeps getting better and better, Lisa! You know I love the lino-cut and the stitching and, well, what a great series of pages!

Lino-Cut Tip #1:
Remember, anything you draw directly on the block, then cut, will print backwards. Instead, using a soft lead pencil, do your drawing on a piece of paper, flop it over, rub it down on the block and start cutting. This is especially important if you decide to do letters.
As an aside, my mailart friend, Michael Leigh, once did a lovely cut of the earth where all of the continents came out backwards. His solution was in the title: "A World of Difference". :)

rivergardenstudio said...

I love these as well, the different pages all studies of the heart. And your backgrounds are terrific! roxanne

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love the layers and textures.

I wanted to ask as I tried to find your email, I had your old one in his atc trades on the computer but it doesn't work. I found your blog through that email trade. Anyway, our sons did an ATC trade a few years ago and my son would like to start trading again and I'd like to know if your son is interested in trading with him?
Thanks and have a great day!

Lorraine said...

very interesting collage like all the layers and paint on this..thanks for visiting my blog

Joyfulploys said...

I'm always inspired when I come of these days I'm going to get brave and "carve" something. I love the heart with the nest doesn't have to be "anatomically correct."

John M. Mora said...

this is mature and precise - great stuff, Mum.....kudos kidos, your lomg island tin man (Oz baby Oz)