Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sketch Book Project

I decided to take part in the Sketch Book Project for the first time this year. I love the concept of this project! If you're not familiar with it please go here to find out.My favorite part of the project is the fact that these books will eventually belong to a library and be issued by the public like a regular library book.
 How cool is that?

I've had a brilliant weekend and have managed to make these 3 pages plus get a graffiti page 90% complete! Wahoo! The theme I chose to work in is 'Nothing New' which seemed like a logical choice for me seeing as though I love to recycle and reuse! I decided to take it a step further and use old papers from projects past. When I start a new project I like to use a new method, colour or idea to glue the project together and to provide inspiration. At the end of each project I usually have bits left over and if it looks usable I can't bear to part with it! It ends up in a stash...but then I don't use it because in my heart/mind it belongs to particular project (any one else do that?) eventually I end up with all these papers that I love but don't use!

To be honest I think I form an attachment to them because they symbolise not only a particular project but also a cycle of growth and discovery. I've realised I have a lot of emotion invested in that time and these bits of paper become like photographs to me.

Below are the first 3 pages in my book, Paper Trail.

Paper Trail #1
Remnants of Four weeks in a Season, Take it and Run, Pulp Redux, ICE 2010 and 2011

Paper Trail #2
Remnants of ICE 2010 and 2011, Four Weeks in a Season,

Paper Trail #3
Remnants of ICE 2011, Four Weeks in a Season

These pages aren't glued into the book yet and when I put them in they'll be divided up by journal notes and a sketch or two, it is a sketch book after all!

PS: I'm having trouble visiting some of your blogs! In particular blogs that ask me to select my account, which for some reason I can't although I clearly have one!


Sesenarts said...

Love these pages. Particularly the one with the monoprint? paper trail 2. Blogger is indeed playing up. I have a number of people who are having problems leaving comments on page as well. Hopefully they will sort it soon.

Mick said...

I surely do know what you mean about attachments to your work, including the leftover bits. Even so, they're not your children. Let them go! :)

Jo Murray said...

Great pages! The whole volume will be amazing!

Anonymous said...

i am loving these, miss lisa! fantastic stuff! i love the remnants. :) i need to be better at saving mine so that i can make sweet, memorable collages for my sketch books too. you rock!