Thursday, June 2, 2011

ICE conclusion

A collage of collages. I made a slide show of the collages I recieved this year but couldn't load it, I seem to remember having the same problem last year! So, a collage of collages it is!

Permissions pending these collages may also be exhibited at an arts centre in Waihi (about an hour from here) in July along with a 'special edition' collage of my own so that one of my pieces is represented as well. There's 2 or 3 ICE artists looking to contribute 11-12 collages so it will be exciting if  this goes ahead!

My collage sold this year (Freedom Song) and I recieved these great collages in return.If any one reading this is tempted to do this exchange next year I hope this will convince you to give into temptation!

Thank you to everyone who dropped by my pulp post, so lovely to see you all!


Mick said...

I think it was better to see these side by side and what a marvelous grouping it is. :)

Jo Murray said...

What a great idea!!! I've been wondering how to share my own ICE collection. You have a superb collection.

Lisa said...

they make a lovely collage all grouped together as well!

Debrina said...

Every year I'm made keen to do it, and every year I fail! What's your secret, Lisa??

Anonymous said...

these are magnificent and i am just kicking myself for not playing!! of course i was on my death bed for six weeks just before they were due, but still! i sooooo must do this next year!