Thursday, January 20, 2011

ICE Time! Collages 1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7!

It's been a long time coming but here it is! My ICE update starting with the 2 I've already posted as it was so long ago now. It's also handy for me to have the first 7 all on one link to refer back to later:) The mounting card for all these collages is a warm white not the shade you see here. All the other colours are true though so I am not sure what's up with that! They look better in the 'real' and I am having trouble translating that to a photograph!

ICE 2011 #1
"Fragile" Society is a Nest series II
Title: Seeds of Knowledge

ICE 2011#2
"Fragile" Society is a Nest series II
Title: Bent not broken
This collage is a tribute to foster parents.

ICE 2011 #3
"Fragile" Society is a Nest series II
Title: Every day

Recycled paper from books, envelopes and gifted paper. Coffee Dye.Thread.

ICE 2011 #4
"Fragile" Society is a Nest series II
Title: Genetics.

The text says 'Genetics is only part of it.'
Recycled paper from books and envelopes. Painted paper scrap, coffee dyed paper, lino cut seed print, thread.

ICE 2011 #5
"Fragile" Society is a Nest series II
Title: What goes around...

Recycled envelope, cardboard book cover, paper scrap, thread

ICE 2011 #6
'Fragile' Society is a Nest series II
Title: Synergy

The title for this one eluded me for several days. Often a name or a particular word suggests itself to me but not this time. It wasn't until I'd made 7 and 8 that the name came to me- Synergy. When I googled to define the meaning of the word I realised it was perfect!

Recycled paper from books, paper scrap, fennel dyed paper,thread.

ICE 2011 #7
"Fragile" Society is a Nest series II
Title: Truth

The text says "In the silence screams the truth" (which is a line from one of PINKS songs.) I heared it months ago and wrote the words down knowing that it belonged to the "Fragile" series. I have to say that I adore this collage. I love everything about it and I will find this one hard to part with! That said, I feel that this collage is a starting point for something else, a new stage of growth for both myself and my collage...and that is exciting!

Close up of "Truth." I was intially dissapointed to get lime from my fennel dye but there is is sitting perfectly on this page. I never knew I needed or even liked that colour but I do! 

Recycled book pages, painted paper scrap, fennel dyed paper, thread..

The papers I created seeking something new to use and a new path to follow.

ICE # 8 is made but not photographed yet and I'm feeling confident I can complete this series by early Feb so watch this space!
If your new to my blog then WELCOME! You can find out what my FRAGILE works are about by clicking on the International Collage Exchange page which will take you to the information glued to back of each collage.

Coming soon:>>> One World One Heart giveaway (Jan 30-Feb 17 so still time for you too play if you want too!) See my 'projects' page for details.
>>>Eucalyptus Dye. The bark is soaking as I type! Thanks for the tips and advice shared with me!


Kim Palmer said...

LOVE the collages Lisa. They are shaping up beautifully! Love What goes around and the synergy piece! Keep up the great work!

Nora said...

I'm very impressed. You've so very much got your own style that is recognizable. I can't pick out a favorite. I would have to live with them for a while. Great job!

Lisa said...

this is a wonderful series Lisa..really balanced and zen your hand dyed additions too.

Mick said...

My head is spinning! I'll need to come back a time or two to digest each of these marvels, one-by-one.

neva gagliano said...

love all the textures, stitchy, soft colors, and especially the paper you created yourself....that really adds great interest! congrats! well done!

Deborah said...

Wonderful series!

deb said...

it is amazing to see how your style has evolved since last year, and I have to agree that #7 is beyond incredible... LOVE it!! awesome :)