Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nature's Eye Candy!

Out and about this morning I captured these blooms in the early morning sun. I heared we were due for rain so I wanted to get out before the early blossoms were battered. We've had some strange weather lately. According to NIWA Tauranga and Auckland where the hottest main centres in NZ through out August (an average high of 12.8 deg celcius and the warmest August here since records began in 1913) What made it strange was that even though we had 160 hours of sunshine we still recorded 97mm of rain and had severe thunderstorms that recorded as 'major events' in NIWA's books. What is going on? None the less I am very pleased to see these pretty blooms and wondering beneath the trees with the wax-eyes was an inspiring way to start the day!

I recieved the above award the other day, I've been a bit slow to post and share! It was a Meme award and I have to ...1. Share 7 tidbits about yourself 2. Share this MeME blog award with 7 blogger friends. Thankyou Nancy for the tag and award!

So here it is..

1: I have 2 dead butterflies and 5 dolphin teeth in my collection things. The teeth were given to me by someone else...who was given them by someone I am not sure how they came loose from the dolphin. I won't be passing them on because I think they are wonderful.

2: I was named after Elvis Presley's daughter. (It's true...but the singing gene didn't follow)

3: I know the word nest in 4 languages. English, Nest, Italian, Nido, French, Niche, Maori, Kohanga.

4: I have never been to the South Island of my own country. One day....

5: I like to go fishing...but feel sorry for the fish if I actually catch it. I feel mean because I tricked it and it was just looking for kids think that's silly! They are probably right.

6: I love to watch WWE wrestling!

7: I only took art at school because I thought the art teacher was "hot."lol. He had a lot of girls want to take art that year! Maybe I should have focused more on the art...

My 7...I think this awards probably beaten me around cyber space by now however if you visit my blog and think "awwww I havn't gotten that one yet" then please consider yourself tagged! No need for anyone to feel left out:)


The Green Stone Woman said...

I can read you post a lot better now, Lisa and I have to say that I love your banner. I think it is new, isn't it?

7 Things about you were great and congratulations with the award. You deserve it. I will not be so bold as to take it.

Anonymous said...

And Lisa, that is why I gave you a C- in art that year...

I was quie quite hot in August dashing back and forth with my little blackberry.