Sunday, September 13, 2009

International Collage Exchange 2009-2010

I've decided to start my collages for the 2010 International Collage Exchange (ICE 2010) early. I have even managed to surprise myself with that! They're due March 20 2010 so there's plenty of time for anyone reading this too sign up too. Just go to to get all the details.I have started early is because the last 2 years I have sent them around March the 15 and only started them in Feb. There's not a lot of flexibility in a time frame like that! Another reason is because I have just finished 4 years of Art study I am suddenly finding myself without a specific goal or deadline to work towards. I don't want to stop creating so ICE is a perfect goal and excuse! I have created my first collage, which I will photograph tomorrow and I finally got around to photographing the fabulous collages I received this year (on my birthday no less!) and put them into a slide show. I hope you will enjoy it, I definitely love the collection! Dale Copeland, the hostess with the mostess, does a great job at ensuring each participant gets collages of a similar style and quality to what they send. That says a lot when she has the artwork of over 120 artists to sort and send as well as an exhibition to organise and an ICE postcard to get printed! Way to go Dale! Please check out her collages, assemblages and hand bound books here.


The Green Stone Woman said...

It was interesting looking at last year's entires and gave me lot's of ideas. I see now in how many ways collages can be made. There's no end to it if you use your imagination. Thanks for sharing that with us.

John said...

I look forward to your jour.ney - this wil be my thiord time living best.

layers said...

I participated in Dale's collage exchange this past year for the first time-- loved it. I got some great collages. I even got one of Dale's.
I am now going to hope I get one of yours.

Poetic Artist said...

A new journey and what wonders it will bring.