Saturday, August 8, 2009

Even the biggest Oak tree starts life as a tiny acorn.

The new lino cut after it's first cutting..I look forward to finishing it tonight and printing it tomorrow!

I read a quote somewhere that said 'Even the biggest Oak tree starts life as a tiny acorn" and it came to my head again yesterday when I was doing the sketches for a new lino print. I think it's a message of doubt others have their own interpretation. I enjoyed the process of making the last lino print that I did (the teasel) so I took the bull by the horns (so to speak!) and decided to create another cut that I can use in my collages. It's important to me to use as much of my own imagery as I can and it's good to extend myself a little past nests and teasels! lol. Don't worry though...I won't stray far! Here's a link to an acorn photo I took at the beginning of Autumn and posted on my Tauranga Daily Photo Blog.
Thanks for all the comments on my new blog layout. The birds were my take on an Autumn Inchies swap. The group is a mix of hobby artists, mostly scrapbookers as opposed to the type of things I usually make but as you can see I make things in my own style anyway!


Debrina said...

My friend bought me a lino cutting kit for my birthday last week. She also bought this really cool retro printmaking handbook to go with it. I can't wait to give it a go!! Your post has made me impatient to get started!!!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I made one lino cut one day at creative therapy. It turned out okay, but I think I need a lot more practice. Then I printed it in three colors, yuck!
Good luck with yours!

Mick said...

The new cut is delightful, Lisa! I hope you do more, and remember, you can also cut erasers if the size is suitable to the work at hand. I did mention that before, didn't I? :)

John said...

Oaks can also be grown by taking a young stem using dome rooting hormones and keeping bottom part moist until roots develop.

Squirells (are there NZ squirrels????) will not bother these and you get less bio diverity.