Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oak Leaf lino cut.

Wahoo! I am in such a good art-space right now! The creative juices are flowing and I can't get enough! I've already got an idea on how to improve on this print design so that's my next step...although I am happy with today's efforts. I printed the lino cut last night to test it out and see where the high points were. I also wanted to see how that acorn would look...I didn't like it!.. so it got cut out again. While doing the prints of the leaf pattern today I worked out why it didn't work at least..the little cuts were holding the ink and preventing the detail from showing. I will be that in mind next time round. I did some more teasel prints too as I've used most of my stash already.

I got a nice surprise when it came to cleaning up. I decided to rinse my lino and blot it dry with a serviette...take a look at what happened! I am going to have to do that on purpose next time I've got my inks out! I think I might even like it better than the original print! A happy accident!

PS: The postcards are all going postal tomorrow....Annie, Irene, Wayne and Shari please keep your eyes out for the me and let me know when the arrive!


Mick said...


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

So many glorious things discovered in those "happy accidents"!

The Green Stone Woman said...

Happy accidents are moments meant to be and they happen to the right people.

John said...

mature, proud, strong


nancy neva gagliano said...

it's great when we're aware and NOTICE the accidents and learn from them....sounds like you were in a groove, and waa-laa!! creation happens!!