Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Winter Hedge- AB and Poetry

Nest photo copied onto tracing paper, Poem by Ruth Dallas (see below) Leaf/ink rubbings, Small cheque book calender page, string, childs playing card, scrap handmade paper and brown paper, twig, buttons.

As part of the 'Off the Page' Round Robin I get the chance to work on other people's Altered Books. This board book arrived in the mail the other day with the theme of 'Poetry.' I already had the poem chosen and the page came together very quickly even though it wasn't pre-planned. I love the way it turned out!
Here's the poem by NZ poet Ruth Dallas.
Winter hedge
How like shells they are, these deserted rain-bleached nests
half filled with small black leaves;
the green leaves that summer- long sang like waves
have left the now as shells on sand
are left for anyone to find.
To lift them from the tangled boughs
of theses deep sleeping hawthorn trees
would be like taking shells away
from all that gives them colour-
sea, sun and sand.
How sad they seem
and faded when you take them home.
Marvellously as they are made
with moulded earth and moss inlaid
with woven bark and straws and
warm with thistle-down
half their charm- even when the trees are bare
is in them being where they are.


Mick said...

Beautiful ... all of it!

The Green Stone Woman said...

Good job Lisa. Do you glue down the loose elements under the strings? I guess you would have to, wouldn't you? It's very fragile looking and I would be ever so careful in handling it, but I guess it can take a little bit of rough handling, can't it?


John said...

"make rude sounds or smell funny" - one and the same, I hope....

Like what you are doing