Thursday, June 25, 2009

A string thing...

I think I have developed an addiction to this string! I originally bought 3 balls of it when I was experimenting with Stock Photography. I bought it because I loved the look of it wound up into a ball. Recently it's been making it's way into my artwork as well. I made this 'string thing' because I felt compelled too. My son called it a fishing net! I can see the relation! To me it's a string thing and for the purpose of photo I wrapped it over this beautiful book my Dad gave to me.

Isn't it a shame that this book was drawn in, used as a tester for a pen and then left deserted in a box? My Dad found it and passed it on! Good on ya Dad! (The date on the book says 1925, made in Czehcozlovakia.)


John said...

The Lady of Good Help - now that is a warm positive title.

The Green Stone Woman said...

John is on to something with his macramé.Your string would be excellent for it.

The book is a real beauty and worth treasuring. Good Help indeed! Everybody needs it.


Vanessa said...

The string does make a good photography subject, I had a student who used to wrap things in string to discover their contour lines... The book is really precious.