Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lensday Challenge- GAMES

This weeks Lensday theme is GAMES. See all the entries or add your own at

I will be back to my blog as soon as possible! It's been trip week and swimming sports week at school...can't wait to see what you've all been doing:)
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Mick said...

Very colorfull, Lisa. Is the game called road construction by any chance? :)

Anonymous said...

OK, John, tell me seven things about the games you played ...

i loved monoply as a kid

i also liked a game called risk

i never got good at chess

i had a game called dogfight that i loved - world war one fighter pilot game

i never liked pin the tail on the donkey

in casinos i prefer craps and play with the house - the "do not call" line

in casino blackjack they often took my money before i added up the cards

i am not sure if i can add up to seven

rivergardenstudio said...

As I look through your blog I am really loving your photographs...Wow... and I love your slideshow , but how do I see close ups of ICE 2009? Roxanne

Joy Logan said...

Thats what today felt like! Early spring and yummy vivid colors!