Thursday, March 12, 2009

International Collage Exchange #9 & 10

Well as you can see it has been a busy and productive few days since I last posted! I hope that it also shows how much I am enjoying creating these collages! I am loving the layering and playing around with bits of thread and paper! Thread as almost taken over the role of glue in this series, a method I am keen to keep up with once the series has finished. I love the 3D effect you get from the loose (but secure) layers that you don't get when you glue the elements together and squash all the air bubbles out. It's a bit like 'tacking' a sewing pattern together and then deciding to leave it all tacked up instead of sewing it! I took a few different photos to show the layers and texture that I am enjoying so much. As always your feedback is most welcome!

International Collage Exchange #9. Title: Winter planting, Summer harvest.
Laser copied nest photo, coffee stained paper, end page from animal behaviour book, junk mail, newspaper text, thread. I used a ruler to rip the edges on the photo because I love the roughness of it.

International Collage Exchange #10 Title: Waiting.
Laser copied photo, childrens book pages (The wood ducks nest) recycled brown paper bag, a 'to do' list I wrote to myself, white mulberry paper, thread.
I guess 'Inspiration' was a more likely title but I like the text on the childrens book page that spoke of the male bird waiting for his partner to return home.
I love these 'shabby chic-boho' look layers!
Last but not least I have recieved these 2 great things in the post these last couple of days. The tag was part of an Altered Shipping Tag Round Robin that I organised on NZ mail art. I sent it off as a gold/patterned tag and as each player has recieved it they've added either the image, word, embellishment or fibre (depending on there place in the group.) I am really pleased with what came home again! The triangle is a tip in page which I received as part of an "Off the Page" tip in swap. I was so happy to open the mail and find this nest and bird and bird eggs waiting for me! Arn't I spoilt!?


Maya said...

What fun projects you are doing. I like the bird themes!

Vanessa said...

Yes these are great projects. Collaborative projects are so interesting you just don't know what you'll get back.
Yes the stitching instead of glue, is working wonderfully. Using a machine can be good too.

John said...

"inspiration" is my pick here - great stuff, my friend.

little egg rocks on tag - great idea - this will help me save money on easter candy!

Mick said...

Each is beautifully accomplished. Let me see, where did I put my sewing kit?

rivergardenstudio said...

Yes! I can see how much you love creating these! Your collages are beautiful and I love the way you used thread instead of glue... Roxanne

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice work here Lisa!