Monday, March 16, 2009

The final three...ICE 2009

Well...this is it. The last three collages in my series of 13 collages for this years International Collage Exchange (formerly known as the Baker's Dozen.)
While I am really pleased to have achieved what I have I almost feel as though I am seeing off a good friend! These collages and the theme's and ideas that surround them have been in my thoughts and actions for many weeks now and the end of this part of the journey is now here. I am really pleased with the final outcome, the last collage is as strong as the 1st in my mind and even though I repeated a lot of the same elements I don't feel as though I repeated myself too much. If you know what I mean!
These collages really are little bits of me!

International Collage Exchange# 11. Title: Believe it.
Laser copied photo, recycled envelope, recycled bird image on notecard, serviette, thread, recycled bird nest image from childrens book, recycled brown paper bag, newspaper text.

International Collage Exchange #12. Title: Heirloom.

2 laser copied photos, recycled atlas page, recycled paper from a yellow party hat, recycled brown paper bag, recycled organic seed catalogue, thread. This was titled after some of the text on the collage. I really like this one. I like the weaved part especially.
As part of the exchange each artist submits one collage as part of the permanent collection and one will be offered for sale. I am donating this one for the permanent collection and the one below for sale. If it doesn't sell (on line) it will become part of the pool of collages exchange.

International Collage Exchange #13. Title: Takahe

2 laser copied photos, recycled NZ Bird's book page, tracing paper, thread. Takahe's are birds native to NZ, similar is shape and colouring to the native Pukeko.See the bottom right line drawing.

Thanks to everyone who's dropped by and offered me support and encouragement! I guess there's a little bit of you in these too! Go well! Lisa:)


Vanessa said...

Great Project Lisa- It really helps to focus when you are working to a tight brief like this- with no./ size specifications and a theme.
I think they work wonderfully as a series and you have done a great job documenting the process!! Well done!

John said...

12 is pure perfection.

All three are srrong but 12 is simple and elegant and just perfect.

Mick said...

The satisfaction of a job well done is only equaled by the post partum of your young leaving the nest ... so to speak! :)

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Good luck on a job well done in such a quick time too. I'll keep everything crossed for a good outcome.

John said...

When you started this series they were more complicated, then they got simpler and then you did number 12.

I do not mean to sound at all like a know it all but 12 is just stunning work.

I felt that way before reading your text.
Then I read how how you donated it.

It's great how you transformed your bird on this one.

i love it, Lisa.

Yep - all work - job is demanding.

The Artful Eye said...

Beautiful collages, Lisa.

Sending aloft snippets of yourself.

You have done a remarkable job here.
I had to go back to posts I have missed to see your entire collection.