Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Update on the TT book and Altered Puzzle

Well, I made a bit of a mess on the orginal cover for my Travel and Techniques book. I was reading a great book called "Mixed Emulsions" Altered techniques for photographic imagery written by artist Angela Cartright. As it happens with good books, I got inspired to do 'just a bit' of painting. Long story cut short my 'just a bit' resulted in 'omg, how do I fix that???' and that resulted in me making things worse while 'fixing' it! I guess it happens to all of us at some point when we cross a line and enter into a mess exercise instead of a creative one! I should have also expected to be a little rusty after so much time being in a rut. There was only one real fix it option available and that was to start again. So I did!

The back cover hasn't changed but the front no longer has the map piece. I ruined that yesterday! I liked the first version but I think I like the romance and opulance of gold and white better. I still need an 'and' but I think its finished, I will continue the map theme somewhere else in the book. It is a bit girly but I think I can cope with that!
Today in the mail I got my altered puzzle pieces back.You will probably remember by Pohutakawa flower piece which is in the middle of the puzzle. I sent away 6 the same and got back 6 different ones. I like the mix of styles and I will look forward to having it out next Christmas!

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John said...

These are very inspired, Lisa, and full of life, love and optimism. They glow of you.

Belisimo, as they say in Tusc.any.

Mick said...

I'm wondering what you've learned from this? My hope is that you found it liberating and that it's okay to screw up and start over ... as opposed to shutting off and not trying other things. Keep us posted. :)

The Artful Eye said...


Repeat after me...nothing is ever ruined and everything can be resolved. There are no mistakes, only new discoveries.

I love how your altered puzzle turned out.

John said...

Crap, I always say give up but buy more model airplane glue.