Friday, January 9, 2009

Pressed flowers

My Dad made the flower press for me using recycled shelving from his old pantry when he built his new kitchen. I like it for sentimental and environmental reasons but I also like it because it still shows the old shelf liner and the cottage flowers that once covered it! Obviously there were 2 layers of different prints on top of the paint.

I've never pressed marigolds before but they're tantalising me from the garden and they've won my respect after helping me to grow cabbage's successfully for the first time. I grew a full crop organically this year so hurray for the natural pest-repellent properties of marigolds! The pressed flowers will no doubt end up in collages and I am keen to make a dye up from the petals too.
I also hear if you drink enough pure marigold tea it has hallucinogenic properties although I won't be trying that out:)

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jgy said...

What a beautiful cycle of regeneration, in so many ways. How lucky to have your own flower press.
Happy pressing and happy creating.

The Artful Eye said...

Oh these marigolds are so bright and cheery. I love the recycled use of old pantry, great idea. I also like the odd scent of marigolds. They are suppose to keep snails at bay. Not my snails they chew my marigolds down, leaving me with sticks and visions of marigolds.

Mick said...

How long before we get to see the results of the pressing? I LOVE the idea of making marigold ink by the way!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that ink sounds good - I am avoiding that tea based on your warning!

There must also be certain mushrooms and blotter papers that I should avoid.

Anonymous said...

We've got snow on the ground since 30 December and freezing our tushes off so seeing these lovely flower images was a welcome "warm" treat!!!