Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Project

Brown paper bags, recycled vintage school atlas page, wool, letters from Magazines.

Top image, Cover Page Front. Middle Image, Inside front cover, Bottom Image, Back Cover.

Happy NEW YEAR everyone! May 2009 be fruitful and inspired!

This is the first project of the year, a Travel and Techniques paper bag book! You may have noticed that the cover only says "Travel and" at this point but that's because it's not quite finished yet:) I don't know what sort of lettering I want to use yet and currently there are no embellishements jumping out at me. It dosn't matter though as this is a 1 page/country/techinique a month book and it's only the first month!

The pages of the book are made from paper bags, the insides of the bags are going to act as sleeves for cardboard pages which will be made by myself and other artists. I will cover the pages. This is basically a Visual Diary with a twist!

The first destination is France for a play around with the romantic shapes and style of French Art Nouveau,March will see us 'travelling' to Madrid to use masking techniques, in April we'll be off to Australia to explore Aboriginal Art and and dot work...and you get the idea! The travel theme helps to give a spring board to work from as well as making this a very different sort of travel themed book.

I'm hoping this new boost of inspiration will last this time, unlike my last short lived burst! I woke up yesterday morning thinking about Altered books and collage so hopefully that's a good omen for the year ahead!

It's nearly time to get creating for the 11th INTERNATIONAL COLLAGE EXCHANGE which is in April. There's plenty of time left for anyone interested to join in so watch this space for more details (and get gluing of course!) and if you have time there's a great collage exhibition online at the moment called Crow Count by Laura Lein-Svencer. You can check it out on the virtual tart website here.

Back soon!


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Mick said...

What a fun project! I love the covers and the sneak peek at an inside page. I wonder if you'll be able to indulge the urge to fill each month's bag with a ton of stuff? I'll be watching for more as the work progresses, Lisa.

The Artful Eye said...

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things! Very cool project.

John said...

Looking forward to what the cat let in and what Lisa glues down.

Like the cover much, land that is green and often permafrosted.

You inspire me, always.

Shani said...

Ah France?! Well heck, now you know I've GOT to be interested in that one. Can't wait to see the final outcome!!!