Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Tie Series

"Deconstructed tie" Part 1 of 3. Approx 25cm x 15cm.
Pieces of a coffee stained cardboard, deconstructed tie, recycled book images, graphite drawing by moi:)

I have been doing a lot of thinking about this new series. I mean a LOT of thinking. Here's my first go at illustrating my thoughts through collage. I'm not anti male authority, I've never gone on a bra burning crusade and I'm not saying that men with ties are the only ones of worthy status. What's got my brain ticking is how things change psychologically when we see someone wearing a tie...and how the type of tie has it's own affect. Picture a politician wearing a tweety bird tie and a politician wearing a sharp black pinstripe tie. Who would you take seriously? Personally I would rather trust to the leadership of this country to someone who doesn't wear tweety around his neck. No offence to good ol tweety or anyone reading this who happens to own a tweety bird tie! It's a perception thing. When you take the tie off the man in is just fabric. When you deconstruct it, it is just a pile of fibres. A powerless power symbol! In my humble opinion of course:)
I also recognise that not all powerful and influential men wear ties. I don't recall Jesus wearing a tie and regardless of your religious views not many people would dispute that Jesus made some pretty powerful decisions. I've also started thinking about the cross. Is it a power symbol? It certainly symbolises a lot of powerful things...life, death, forgiveness, love, hope...but is it a power symbol? I don't know so I will stick with ties for now and I'm certainly not about to deconstruct any crosses!
I have a feeling I will be sticking with this topic for a while yet...I'm just un-peeling the layers.


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The Artful Eye said...


I'd pick the tweety bird man because I'd like to believe he had a sense of humour and might have more of a yin/yang balance. These pinstriped solid colors might be too uptight.

Would you take Jesus seriously if he wore a tie? hmmm... got you thinking, half the time he was making those powerful decisions in only a loin cloth.
(no religious commentary here) just thinkin' along with you.

it is a perception. I like this thinking out loud. good work.

Neda said...

You've got me tied in knots with your musings :)

I dunno what I think of ties...but I get heart flutters everytime my hubby wears a suit and a tie (rarely) and I fall in love with him all over again! Do you think women should start wearing ties?Haha!