Saturday, June 28, 2008

Van Gogh Tree

I pass this tree when I take the kids to school and it's always seemed familiar to me although I couldn't figure out why. One day when I went passed I suddenly realised it's "Van Gogh's Tree" or more correctly, a tree that reminds me of the way that Van Gogh paints trees. I feel no connection with Van Gogh's sunflowers or paintings of farm scenes but for some reason I love his trees. They're not pretty, in fact I think they are more haunting than nice but I am drawn to them. No suprises to hear then that I also like his kingfisher painting and there's another one I am not sure that title of that has a lone bird flying over a field of wheat or something similar. Art needs to connect with the viewer in some way and Van Gogh's trees do it for me. I'm good with that! I've painted several trees but none that have had the same draw for me as Van Gogh's. What the difference is I am not sure, aside from the fact that I am obviously not Vincent Van Gogh! I'm currently participating in an Altered Tin Round Robin where each player will add a card to my tin with there artwork on theme's Van Gogh but once it's left my house this week it won't be back for about 7 months (omg... that's next year!!) so it will be a while before I will see the results. I'll try to remember to take a pic of my altered tin when I have done it (hopefully this week all going well!)

If your in the mood for a bit of browsing there's a great travelling exhibition (currently in NY...not sure where in NY though sorry John) that's also on line. It's called "your documents please" and has around 200 artworks in the form of 'passports.' The exhibition explores everything from the artists personal culture to the artists feelings about land wars, border security, immigaration etc. It's well worth a look even if you can't sit down and view all 200 works of art!

Oh, wow! I just went to Trijnie's blog to leave a link about the whales and look what I found... THANKS Trijnie!
For those of you who havn't visited her blog before Trijnie is a mulit talented multi media artist working with glass, taking award winning scenic photos and creating beautiful and inspiring paintings...a blog well worth adding to your fav's if you havn't already!

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The Artful Eye said...

You've got a lovely tree documented here. Beautiful, full outstretched limbs reaching to the sky. After seeing a Van Gogh exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in N.Y. I have a new much greater appreciation for his work.

I had to go check out our whales! They look like they're having a swimmingly good time.

John said...

Van Gogh was the first artist I really liked back in high school. He amazed me and he had an amazing range of work - portraits, still lives, seascapes, landscape. I fikkiwed him and learned abouytg Japoneese wood block prints and he led me to others - I really like Pissaro. Monet.

You have a lovely tree and it does look like it could grow in Arles.

I hope you are better....all well soom.

Mick said...

Do I see a dog peeking from 'round back of that tree? :O

Trijnie said...

a strong tree to lean on. We travel to the US 12 of July. One of the things I wished to see are those giant trees.
and Lisa you make me blush ;)

Shani said...

Well I for one am glad to hear you're not Van Gogh! I'm sure you're much prettier with both your ears :-). Don't underestimate your own art though, you're a Lisa Sarsfield which is every bit as nice and important. So sorry to hear you've had an operation, but glad that you're home and feeling better. I've been visiting in the States and am trying to catch up on all the interesting posts I've missed. Take care!

Neda said...

So glad you are feeling better :)

The passport exhibit is very intriguing. Thank you for finding it.

It's funny too but I feel the same way abt Van Gogh's sunflowers ad nauseum. However, like you, I prefer his trees.. I am very partial to his "Branches of Almond tree in Bloom" :)

Keep getting well and creating :)