Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 Altered Tags

I am finally creating again. I've started off with 2 tags, nice and easy and I can do them in the lounge by the heater:) They're both for a swap and created on actuall shipping tags not hand made tags. Oh, and ofcourse all the paper is recycled magazine images. Would you believe the red at the bottom of the Tui tag (Native NZ Bird pictured here with the native Kowhai tree) is actually a picture of eye shaddow? The stripes are from somones couch. If I find the right word I will add it to the bottom otherwise this is finished. I try to avoid the obvious fad words like "fly" but I did think the other bird house tag was charming!
I've also been prepping a canvas to paint...if it warms up enough I will be getting some painting done today. YAY!!!
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The Artful Eye said...

How about 'in the shadow' :)

These tags are wonderful. I think it's fun to use imagery in such a way you don't recognize what it was originally.

Glad you're up for creating.

Mick said...

Hmmm, a birdhouse you say? Charming indeed. :)

Anonymous said...

Elegant avaian tags and the lace makes them soar.


John said...

Lovely Lisa. Glad you are creating again. I need photos to poach. I am at best an artitic lamprey.

Are there lampreys in NZ? Much more hideous than snakes.

BTW, we released our snake in the yard. He had just shed and it is warm so he is on his own.

Look forward to your canvas.

Aren't anon comments distracting? Hate them.