Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm home...

Thanks everyone for your warm wishes. I am home and mostly hogging the couch. I havn't seen the surgeon since my op but I think everything went well...I am very sore and have got some impressive bruises coming out but I did expect that. My new scar has impressed the kids and suprised me- 15cm long! I expected 5 or 6 cm!
I came home the same day (Tuesday) and have mostly watched TV and slept since then, this is the first day I have been able to even contemplate a post so I guess that's progress!
I can't create my regular art but thankfully GREENPEACE has launched beautifully timed mass protest and is calling for people to create an online origami whale to send to the Japanese Government. It dosn't take long so please take the time to send a whale to join the e-pod. My one is a rather bohemian looking whale complete with rainbow tattoo's and the "make love not war' slogan. Very cool!

Here's a few lines from the email I recieved...We are getting close with the whales campaign. We're steadily making ground in Japan where it really counts. The recent whale meat scandal has rocked the industry and brought them a lot of unwanted attention. The IWC has the power to stop whaling once and for all and is meeting between June 23rd and 27th. Japan will be at the IWC pushing to resume commercial whaling.
However the tide is turning in Japan. Questions are being asked about just how much of the taxpayers' yen is being spent on fake science to justify hunting for whale meat that nobody wants.
You can join the swell of international pressure by
sending a virtual origami whale to the Japanese Prime Minister to ask him to stop whaling.

Thanks again everyone, will visit as soon as I can:)


Nora said...

Goodness, you poor thing, here you were in the hospital and I was worrying about my getting you my blog link. I hope you feel better soon and 15 cm is quite s large scar. Take good care of yourself, sweetie, no heavy lifting!

Anonymous said...

the chronicles of hernia

Mick said...

Welcome home and get well soon. :)

The Artful Eye said...

Glad you're home and healing.
Take care of yourself and get well soon.

dianeclancy said...

hi Lisa,

I am glad you are back home - rest and take care of yourself!!!

~ Diane Clancy

John said...

I hope you are feeling better.

My best to your family. Winter cheers.


Neda said...

Sorry to hear about your operation but so glad that you're okay. I have been out of touch for a while (I am now in Lebanon) and I am sorry that I did not follow up on your major news. I wish you lots of rest and happiness, my dear friend.

Trijnie said...

You survived Lisa and a scar? that cool! Lots of time for you to rest, read. The whales will sing a song for you, I'm sure.
I would like to senta message to the prime minister of Japan. Cannot open?
Take care Lisa.
Maybe you receive a double message from me. I wrote one and suddenly it disapeared.....

Anonymous said...

did you get our flowers. damn that horrible NZ florist!!!!!