Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Front Cover.

I made this as part of an assignment. I'm currently studying 'Art, meaning and myth' and the assignment was to create a piece of art that shows the change from child to adult. Not necessarily the change it self but that the transformation has occurred.
I created a book from two canvas boards and collaged it with nursery rhymes and the butterflies (getting great mileage from that book! lol) I used lace as my 'hinges' to join both canvases together. I am not very happy with the finishing on this, I should have wrapped the paper around the sides and I actually damaged the canvas slightly with my craft knife trying to trim it off...as you can imagine I wasn't too stoked about this!
It would be unrealistic of me though to expect to make something like this out of my head for the first time without any boo-boo's though so I'll put it down to experience!

Going from butterflies to birds...my favorite subject as you know! Mick Mather a talented artist/ blogging friend has started a new birdhouse series which I am going to enjoy I'm sure!
Thankyou all for your comments on the boat painting (special thanks to Mick for good advice!) and on Piwakawaka. They are sweet, tiny birds in real life and deserve a bright and fun background!

Were expecting a storm tonight, so far it's 2 hours over due so I had better flick the computer off soon and avoid any nasty power surges! Hope your all well and warm! (Dry too!)

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John said...

I trioed to leave a comment on the train and it got eaten by my blackberry.

From memory:

I associate butterfioels (and nests) with ya and do so cuz of the monarchs and pupaew and the caterpillars - even the monarch that hatched indoors. So use of butterflies seems so fitting.

The cover composiiton is bright and open and moves very well. Very "you." I like it.

I would rather be 21 than 1 and to me the 1 to 21 candles repreesents the span when we are part of our parent's family rather than the parents ourselves.

They are wonderfuil years and so many candles blown out.....

Hoep you survived the NZ storm well. Bring in that mosaic....

Mick said...

A beautiful piece and thanks for the link! :D

Anonymous said...

Such lovely composition and texture here Lisa. I always like the idea of the butterfly and growth, I think that's a most appropriate analogy. I would defintely give you an A+!