Monday, April 14, 2008

Boats in the Bay, finished!

Boats in the Bay. Acrylic. Boxed canvas 36"x 24"

Here it is, Boats in the Bay completely finished! This photo lookeed great on my camera but it's too dark in the corners here on my screen which is a real shame. The rocks arn't that dark at all! Some of the detail is missing here althought the colour is reasonably close otherwise.I am pleased with this painting and equally pleased to be able to share with you all that this painting is already hanging on the walls of a nail salon called "Just Polished" in Mount Maunganui .I am very pleased to have been asked by them and equally pleased that a local business is so willing to support local artists without charging the earth for it! Thanks "Just Polished!"

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Another painting I took to hang there is this one...Piwakawaka (NZ Native Fantail) which is only 30c x 30cm so tiny by comparrison! I love wee painting it's so vibrant and it was alot of fun to paint because I used a toothbrush, plastic type credit card and a regular paintbrush to paint it. Messy yes but messy can be fun!


The Artful Eye said...

Lisa, I don't know this measurement. I trust that it's tiny, or wee as you put it or is it the Piwakawaka that is wee? Oh my..

I absolutely love this composition.
Perfect, execution.

The Artful Eye said...

oops...forget to congratulate you on the finale of "Boats in the Bay" and it's debut in your local business.

Job well done.

Sweet Irene said...

John tells me that you wish me the best, so I thank you for that. Comment problems, I assume?

I love the boat painting and would have it up in my room in no time at all. Money makes the word go round, though.

John said...

The wee bird is a lovely vibrant composition with the energy and flutter of a bird snas naturqal environment save fo erthe seed pods on the branch.

Congratulations on finishing the boat painting.

I met you back ona seed collage....

I never hang out in nail salons. Is it like blogging?

Bev said...

Great that you are getting these commissions. It must make painting doubly satisfying, I would have thought.

Love the first picture. Lovely clean lines and colours. Also the second picture which looks very NZ to me, with all the tribal colours, the native bird and his feathers which also give a tribal feel to the painting somehow.

Mick said...

A job well done with "Boats in the Bay". I like the small painting too, it's very expressive and vibrant. I thought the Piwakawaka was a flower at first glance, silly me. :)

Bobbie said...

I'd love to have my nails done there just so I could stare at this lovely painting of boats. I especially like the way the hillside looks, reminds me of the area around Lompoc, California where I once lived.

But the star of the show is Piwakawaka with the fantastic colors for this little bird to stare at while it gets it's nails done. lol! You are on a roll, Lisa!

Shani said...

"Boats" looks great! How interesting it has been for us the spectators see it through to its fruition.