Monday, March 31, 2008

THE EXHIBITION! International Collage Exchange

Hi All, long time no post but rest assured there's been plenty going on and I will add photo's soon:)
I just had to come on quickly though and encourage everyone to go and see the online exhibition of the 10th INTERNATIONAL COLLAGE EXCHANGE
here at virtual tart
This is a big, exciting exhibtion and there are over 300 collages by 159 artists to view (but don't worry there's plenty of time as they will be exhibited for 1 month starting today!) Dale Copeland has done a fantastic job hosting this swap and organising the hanging of half of them in a real gallery in New Plymouth (NZ) Some of the collages are for sale but if you want one you'd better be in quick! Otherwise just make yourself a cuppa, browse and enjoy the huge variety of collage styles and topics!
Best regards to you all:)

PS: If you use the search artist function you will be able to find mine easily although you may have already seen them here :)


The Artful Eye said...

This online exhibition is breathtaking. So many wonderful, talented individuals. I'll have to spend some time with my morning coffee to take him some of this wonderful art.

Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to.

John said...

Yes, the show shows much much talent and yours are right up there - excellent - I found one work in each cvategory (am I dense?).

Please answer that, but not the parenthetical....

John said...

Mr Copeland has very interesting web site. Is he NZ famous?

Been reading about NZ lamb chops. You a vegan right?

Hope you are well.

Shani Thomas said...

Thanks for the link Lisa, I'm off to take a look! And btw, it looks like your new painting is coming along splendidly! How interesting to see your work in progress!