Thursday, February 14, 2008

Non Identificado

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National Geographic images, NZ House and Garden images, lace.

Number 3 in my series on the 'society is a nest' thinkings.

I was really taken by the image of this woman walking in her dirty, decaying surroundings. This is her nest.

This is not to suggest that her nest will raise damaged birds, that would be a terrible assumption. I am more making an comment on the fact that our societies don't always make very good nests, they don't always provide environments that are places of nuture, comfort, safety and love.

There seems to be an unequal distribution of good nests for children to grow up in. I don't think the rich nessecarily have better nests. That would also be a terrible assumption. I think they are better decorated but not nessecarily better made.

The cross bears the words " Non Identificado" and is a memorial for an unidentified person who tried to flee his nest, in search of a better one across the border but died at the fence put up by border officials to keep him there.

It raises a lot of questions for me... I hope that he found his nest, that place of nuture, peace and happiness he was looking for.

It's not all doom and gloom...I know some nests work well. It just really gets to me that all nests aren't made equal. That some fail and some fall. I hope your nest is your place of safety, comfort and love. My best wishes to you all! Lisa :)


Bev said...

I agree. Often people in highly affluent households give over their child rearing to other people. But, on the other hand, I always think children in impoverished African villages look so happy and full of life.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

A mom can provide a million dollar upbringing.

Your art is focused, lovely and assured.


Sweet Irene said...

Profound words and a profound collage and yet you manage to make it so colorful and attractive to look at, so we will look at it and see the message.

Once you have the basics, as a human being, you also need mental health and wellbeing and emotional safety. That sometimes gets overlooked.

We, as a civilized society, must be able to guarantee that third world country children also receive this kind of care.

I hope that everybody who can, supports organizations, like Unicef, which look at the total life circumstances of a child.

It is good that you made this collage to remind us of these issues.

Bobbie said...

Lisa, This collage is colorful and wonderful in it's appearance. Jewel-like, really. The message it carries is so important. Money does not make a good nest. I think what you are trying to reveal to us is that the nest is not necessarily physical. It is the love and caring of the parent that makes the nest.

Mick said...

What's equally interesting to me is the nesting of the various imagery used to make your point. I have to admit that I'm a bit off balance and confused by this piece - and, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Reaching into another's work to find meaning for myself is always the first thing that I do. I've visited this piece a half dozen times before reading what you have to say. Nesting. Yes, on a lot of levels too.

Shani Thomas said...

Lovely collage Lisa and very thought provoking comments. You've done with this piece what art is meant to do...make one think.

Kris Cahill said...

Beautiful collage, Lisa, and thoughtful writing here. I enjoy thinking about this topic.

It looks to me like each of us must find that nest ourselves in order to share it. Someone may think they need one kind of nest, achieve it, and realize it's not the true one for them. There is so much freedom to choose, on so many levels, and that can be scary at times.

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Neda said...

I love your collages because they have such a depth and humanity to them. I touched and moved by your vision and your dreams. Keep on...